Leafyishere Statistics: Market Report & Data

Highlights: The Most Important Leafyishere Statistics

  • The most viewed video on Leafyishere's channel was "THE SADDEST MAN ON YOUTUBE".
  • LeafyIsHere's net worth is estimated to be $3 million.
  • His YouTube channel was terminated on August 21, 2020.
  • His most notorious video on YouTube scored a view count of over 10 million.
  • LeafyIsHere's real name is Calvin Lee Vail.
  • His channel gained the most subscribers in VLOGMAS 2015.
  • LeafyIsHere was born on August 18, 1995.
  • LeafyIsHere was raised in Seattle, Washington.
  • Before his channel was terminated, LeafyIsHere had over 4.33 million subscribers on YouTube.
  • On March 31, 2016, LeafyIsHere's single most viewed daily video had 2,316,209 views.
  • LeafyIsHere has over 598k followers on his current active Twitter page.
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Welcome to this in-depth dive into the world of Leafyishere statistics. As an intriguing topic in the internet culture landscape, Leafyishere symbolizes the meteoric rise and impact within the YouTube environment. However, to fully understand his influence, we need more than just anecdotes: we need data. This blog post aims to present a comprehensive statistical analysis of Leafyishere’s YouTube channel; exploring audience engagement, video performance, and viewership trends in order to paint a vivid picture of his standing within this digital empire. Stay tuned as we unravel the numerical reality behind Leafyishere’s online presence.

The Latest Leafyishere Statistics Unveiled

The most viewed video on Leafyishere’s channel was “THE SADDEST MAN ON YOUTUBE”.

Highlighting the viewership peak of Leafyishere’s channel video, “THE SADDEST MAN ON YOUTUBE,” serves as compelling evidence of his pull as a digital influencer. In unearthing Leafyishere’s statistics, it underscores the most resonating content amid his followers, becoming an essential aspect that shaped the channel’s viewership landscape. This piece of information doesn’t just detail a historical milestone, but it also offers valuable insights into viewer preferences— giving us a glimpse into what piques the audience’s attention, thus essentially driving the blogger’s future strategy in content creation.

LeafyIsHere’s net worth is estimated to be $3 million.

In the digital ecosystem of influencers and social media personalities, the estimation of LeafyIsHere’s net worth at $3 million offers a tangible measure of his success within this realm. This figure, coupled with his subscriber count, views, and other engagement metrics, underlines his financial and popular influence in online spaces. The $3 million net worth serves as both an achievement and a benchmark in his journey, reflecting his monetization strategies and the value of his content to advertisers, affiliates, and sponsors. Thus, in a blog post about LeafyIsHere’s statistics, this vital centerpiece of information provides an indispensable glimpse into his positioning within the digital economy.

His YouTube channel was terminated on August 21, 2020.

Marking a pivotal point in the timeline of Leafyishere, the termination of his YouTube channel on August 21, 2020, carries significant statistical relevance. It not only sheds light on a crucial alteration in his content distribution landscape but also impacts the trend analysis related to viewer interaction and subscriber counts. The termination underscores how policies and guidelines of content platforms can impose abrupt changes, also provoking a ripple effect on revenue generation and online influence. This critical juncture propels into a new domain of statistical analysis of Leafyishere, embracing diverse platforms, altered audience demographics, and differing viewer engagement trends that followed the termination.

His most notorious video on YouTube scored a view count of over 10 million.

Highlighting Leafyishere’s video that garnered over 10 million views is significant as it provides a palpable measurement of his immense reach and popularity. This associative value serves to demonstrate the extent of his influence within the YouTube domain, acting as a testament to the pull of his content among a vast global audience. Equally, it underscores the potential advertising possibilities tied to his platform, while illustrating his success as a content creator and validation within the competitive realm of YouTube, where view count is a definitive marker of success and influence.

LeafyIsHere’s real name is Calvin Lee Vail.

Integrating the personal information that LeafyIsHere’s real name is Calvin Lee Vail enriches the analytical perspective of a statistics-oriented blog post about his online presence. It gives readers a behind-the-scenes understanding of the individual who holds the pseudonym. This clarity aids the comprehensive analysis of his viewer engagement, video views, or subscriber increase patterns. Rather than viewing him as just a YouTube personality, associating with his real identity makes the statistical insights about his channel more relatable and engaging, ultimately enhancing the blog’s immersive experience.

His channel gained the most subscribers in VLOGMAS 2015.

A surge in Leafyishere’s subscriber count during VLOGMAS 2015 remains a pivotal cornerstone in the narrative of his digital journey. This dramatic growth not only highlights his channel’s ability to capitalise on seasonal trends and events like VLOGMAS, but also signifies a turning point in his rise to online stardom. The explosive success during this period underscores his digital influence and presents a testament to his content’s mass appeal, crucial aspects to consider when examining Leafyishere’s metrics.

LeafyIsHere was born on August 18, 1995.

Understanding the birthdate of LeafyIsHere – August 18, 1995 – is instrumental to delve deeper into the distinctive statistics surrounding this influential internet personality. It grants us access to his age group, enabling us to comprehend his generational influences better and possibly decode the data pertaining to his followers demographic. Considered further, it offers scope to explore trends amongst content creators of the same age, uncovering insights like their rise to fame, peak popularity periods, and the impact of their content amongst similar aged audiences.

LeafyIsHere was raised in Seattle, Washington.

Understanding the origin of LeafyIsHere, popularly known online, gains significance when diving into his comprehensive statistics. As a Seattle, Washington native, his upbringing reflects potentially influential factors, shaping those unique content subjects or style nuances that resonated with a global audience. This tidbit of information bridges the gap, providing further insight into Leafy’s backstory, enabling us to deeply comprehend how his virtual world statistics may mirror real-world environmental factors. Consequently, it develops a more detailed and personal understanding of statistical data gathered about his online activity and following.

Before his channel was terminated, LeafyIsHere had over 4.33 million subscribers on YouTube.

Highlighting the figure of 4.33 million subscribers on YouTube prior to the termination of LeafyIsHere’s channel serves as a potent illustration of his massive online presence and influence. Considering this numerical benchmark paints a stark portrait of a content creator who managed to command a vast audience, making his departure from the platform even more significant. This figure offers tangible proof of his reach within the digital landscape, which is crucial to understanding the full spectrum of LeafyIsHere’s impact onto YouTube culture and his iconic status among fellow content creators.

On March 31, 2016, LeafyIsHere’s single most viewed daily video had 2,316,209 views.

Drawing attention to the impressive figure of 2,316,209 views amassed by a single video from LeafyIsHere on March 31, 2016, underlines the remarkable influence and reach of this content creator. In the bustling world of digital content, this statistic truly exemplifies Leafy’s staggering capacity to engage a sizable audience within a mere 24 hours. When discussing the LeafyIsHere Statistics, such a pinnacle of viewership provides a critical benchmark for understanding the dramatic success and high level of viewer engagement that this trailblazer of internet culture has achieved. This number not only highlights LeafyIsHere’s significant online footprint, but also foreshadows his potential to continue this trend in future performances.

LeafyIsHere has over 598k followers on his current active Twitter page.

Highlighting the impressive count of 598k followers on LeafyIsHere’s active Twitter page demonstrates the immense online reach and powerful influence of this YouTuber. This mammoth following reflects his popularity on the digital platform and indicates a significant audience who are engaged, ready to consume his content, and provide instant feedback. As such, it is a telling metric of his digital virality and the potential growth trajectory of his e-visibility, in particular within the realms of the YouTube community. This statistic underpins his current standing as a formidable digital influencer, a critical aspect of the LeafyIsHere statistical profile that our blog aims to encapsulate.


The collected data on Leafyishere yields insightful observations on the ebb and flow of his popularity. These stats emphasize his rise to fame on YouTube, the factors contributing to his viewer engagement and retention, as well as his sudden disappearance and recent return. Careful analysis of these metrics confirms the significance of consistent and appealing content in the world of digital influencing. Despite fluctuations in his career, Leafyishere has made a substantial impact in his niche, as evidenced by his considerable viewer base and engagement levels, even after extended breaks.


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Who is LeafyIsHere?

LeafyIsHere, whose real name is Calvin Lee Vail, is a popular former YouTuber known for his commentary and reaction videos, video-game content, and unique storytelling style.

When did LeafyIsHere start his YouTube channel?

LeafyIsHere started his YouTube channel on October 7, 2011.

What is LeafyIsHere most known for?

LeafyIsHere is most known for his commentary videos where he shares his thoughts on various subjects, often with gameplay footage in the background. His roasts and rants, as well as his unique storytelling style, have also contributed to his internet fame.

When did LeafyIsHere's channel get banned on YouTube?

LeafyIsHere's YouTube channel was permanently banned on August 21, 2020, due to multiple violations of YouTube's harassment policy.

What game was often seen in LeafyIsHere's commentary videos?

Gameplay footage from "Counter-Strike Global Offensive" was often showcased in LeafyIsHere's commentary videos.

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