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Jannik Lindner

Co-Founder at Gitnux

After graduating from high school, Jannik initially studied Food Technology at the university in Trier (Germany). In his free time, he started his own websites and gradually developed an increasing enjoyment in technically advancing these projects. He also consistently sought new ways to attract more visitors to his website.

Upon completing his studies, he dared to take a leap of faith and became self-employed at the age of 24. Within a few years, along with his co-founders, he managed to build a highly profitable company. In this venture, he was primarily responsible for developing SEO strategies and handling content marketing.

Since 2022, Jannik has been a co-founder of Gitnux, and since 2023, he, along with his business partners, has been developing a meeting software named ZipDo. Here as well, he is in charge of all inbound activities, supervises content projects, and manages the technical infrastructure of the websites.

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