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Welcome to Gitnux, your go-to destination for market research, statistics, and business insights. With a team of skilled analysts and industry experts, Gitnux provides comprehensive data to empower businesses of all sizes to make informed decisions and drive growth.

Whether you’re a startup exploring new markets or an established enterprise optimizing operations, Gitnux offers accurate, timely, and actionable intelligence tailored to your specific needs and objectives. 

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Our Story

At Gitnux, we specialize in providing cutting-edge market research, comprehensive statistics, and invaluable business insights to drive your organization’s success.

Staying ahead requires more than just intuition; it demands actionable intelligence derived from thorough analysis and reliable data. That’s where Gitnux comes in. Our platform offers a wide range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses across industries.

Whether you’re a startup exploring new market opportunities, a seasoned enterprise seeking to optimize operations, or a visionary entrepreneur looking to make informed strategic decisions, Gitnux equips you with the tools and expertise to navigate the complexities of the market with confidence.

Our team of skilled analysts, data scientists, and industry experts are dedicated to delivering accurate, timely, and actionable insights that empower you to seize opportunities, mitigate risks, and drive sustainable growth. From market trends and consumer behavior to competitor analysis and industry forecasts, Gitnux provides the comprehensive intelligence you need to make informed decisions at every stage of your business journey.



Meet Our Team


Jannik Lindner


Jannik takes care of the marketing strategy and concept at Gitnux. He also coordinates the collaboration with the external tech team so that the site runs smoothly.

He is also helping to improve the quality and the research of our work.


Alexander Eser


Alexander is a co-founder of Gitnux and is responsible for the company’s further development. He advises our team with strategic ideas and concepts, and also manages the finances. Alexander holds a Master’s degree in Finance and enjoys programming smart automation scripts.

lorena castillo 1

Lorena Castillo

Editorial Lead

Lorena has been working for our company since 2019 and has managed various content projects since then. She has extensive experience in developing content strategies and supervises and leads our editorial team. Lorena is responsible for ensuring that we satisfy our visitors and customers with our content.

Aleksandra Baruffati

Content Strategist

Aleksandra Baruffati is a contributing author at Gitnux. She received Master’s degrees in PR and Jurisprudence and has worked in the field of Marketing & PR for over 10 years.

At Gitnux, Aleksandra is responsible for making sure the English-language part of the site meets the needs of our visitors. She also researches and writes our hot statistics posts.

Jan Klos


As SEO-Strategist, Jan’s primary focus is on improving our visibility in the search engine results. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Digital Business and is currently finishing his Master’s degree in Digital Marketing Management.
With a love for keywords and more than 5 years of experience in SEO, he is always trying to think one step ahead and works on implementing strategies to optimize our content for the readers.

Alexa Graf

Content Strategist and Editor

Alexa is a permanent member of our team and works on the German part of Gitnux. She has a lot of experience in SEO and content marketing and makes sure that our content meets the quality standards. With a Master’s degree in Literary Studies, Linguistics, and German as a Foreign Language, Alexa has a passion for writing, editing and optimizing texts as well as researching valuable sources for a variety of topics.

Lisa Fabre

Content Editor

Lisa is an advertising student from Argentina, and is part of the Spain team. She is in charge of general questions about the organisation of the articles, the translation of the kw or the assignment of these. She also helps to answer any doubts that may arise in the process of creating the articles.

Oriana Chale

Content Strategist and Editor

Oriana Chale is a Social Communication and Marketing student, finishing her last bachelor’s year. She’s part of the Intern’s Program where she works as intern’s Mentor, proofreading their articules while guaranteeing they achieve a good SEO position. For what she puts into practice her Marketing and UX writing knowledge.


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