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Is Gitnux A Trusthworty Source?

You might have wondered whether Gitnux is a trustworthy resource, which is a completely valid concern considering the sensitive nature of statistics. On this page, you can find information about how our articles are created.

Our statistical reports have been referenced in over 3000 high-quality magazines, newspapers, and blogs worldwide. Thus, Gitnux Market data serves as a foundation for numerous articles.

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adobe article

Our article Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing has been cited by Adobe.

Read the article on the Adobe Website.

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hubspot article

Our article Millennials On Social Media has been cited by HubSpot.

Read the article on the HubSpot Website

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entrepreneur article

Our article about Digital Nomads has been cited by Entrepreneur.

Read the article on the entrepreneur website.

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How We Write

Interested in learning more about how we create our statistical reports? Here’s a brief overview.

Step 1: Our Database

We have amassed a database with millions of statistics and data from various topics, all sourced from public domains freely available on the internet. These statistics are only included in our database if they meet certain quality criteria.

Step 2: Thematic Assignment

Our internal algorithm organizes these statistics into themes, which are then matched with Google search data. This process shapes our editorial plan. There are no thematic restrictions.

Step 3: Article Creation

The articles are created using our internal database, with the assistance of artificial intelligence and our editors. We provide a brief contextual description for each statistic. Several statistics with descriptions form the final article. Our articles are neutral, aiming solely to amalgamate and visually present statistics and studies from various sources.

Step 4: Article Publication

Our editors review and publish the articles. We aim to update the articles approximately once a year with current data.

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