Hess Trucks By Year Chart

The chart displays the different models of Hess trucks released each year, with their corresponding features, ranging from battery-operated headlights and taillights to water-spraying features and detailed decals.

Year Truck Model Features
1964 Hess Tanker Trailer Battery-operated headlights and taillights
1965 Hess Tanker Truck Red velvet display case, battery-operated headlights and taillights
1966 Hess Voyager Tanker Ship Battery-operated lights, floating capability
1967 Hess Red Velvet Tanker Truck Red velvet display case, battery-operated lights
1968 Hess Tanker Truck (B Series) Battery-operated lights, detailed decals
1969 Amerada Hess Fire Truck Extension ladder, battery-operated lights and siren
1970 Hess Fire Truck Water-spraying feature, battery-operated lights

The Hess Trucks By Year chart provides a comprehensive overview of the trucks produced by Hess Corporation from 1964 to present. The chart includes information on the year, truck model, and features of each specific truck model. It serves as a useful reference for collectors, enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the evolution of Hess trucks over the years. The chart showcases the various innovations and enhancements made to each truck, highlighting their unique capabilities such as battery-operated lights, water-spraying feature, floating capability, and more.


What is a Hess Trucks By Year Chart?

The Hess Trucks By Year Chart is a graphical representation that displays the release years of the various models of Hess toy trucks.

How can the Hess Trucks By Year Chart be useful?

The chart can be useful for collectors or enthusiasts who want to track and reference the different Hess truck models over time.

What information does the Hess Trucks By Year Chart provide?

The chart provides a year-by-year overview of the different Hess truck models that have been released dating back to the first model in 1964.

How can I read the Hess Trucks By Year Chart?

The chart typically consists of a vertical axis representing the release year and a horizontal axis representing the different truck models. Each intersection point on the chart indicates the specific year a model was released.

What are the key insights that can be gained from analyzing the Hess Trucks By Year Chart?

Analyzing the chart can provide insights into the frequency of releases, patterns in design changes, and the overall evolution of the Hess toy trucks over time.

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