Anniversary Stones By Year Chart

The chart shows the gemstone and corresponding color associated with each anniversary year, ranging from 1st anniversary (Gold Jewelry – Gold) to 80th anniversary (Ruby – Red).
Anniversary Year Gemstone Color
1 Gold Jewelry Gold
2 Garnet Various
3 Pearls White
4 Blue Topaz Blue
5 Sapphire Blue
6 Amethyst Purple
7 Onyx Black
8 Tourmaline Various
9 Lapis Lazuli Blue
10 Diamond Jewelry Clear
11 Turquoise Blue/Green
12 Jade Green
13 Citrine Yellow
14 Opal Various
15 Ruby Red
20 Emerald Green
25 Silver Jubilee Silver
30 Pearl Jubilee White
35 Coral Orange
40 Ruby Red
45 Sapphire Blue
50 Golden Jubilee Gold
55 Alexandrite Green/Red
60 Diamond Jubilee Clear
65 Blue Sapphire Blue
70 Platinum Jubilee Silver
75 Diamond Clear
80 Ruby Red

The following chart presents a comprehensive list of anniversary stones by year. Each year is associated with a specific gemstone, representing various colors that hold symbolic meaning. From the first anniversary to the 80th anniversary, this chart provides insights into the gemstones and their corresponding colors that have traditionally been associated with each milestone. Whether you are celebrating a significant anniversary or simply curious about the symbolic meaning behind gemstones, this chart serves as a valuable reference.


What is an Anniversary Stones By Year Chart?

An Anniversary Stones By Year Chart is a guide that suggests specific gemstones associated with each year of marriage as a traditional gift.

Why are gemstones associated with wedding anniversaries?

Gemstones are associated with wedding anniversaries because they represent the durability, beauty, and value of a marriage over time. Each gemstone has unique symbolism and significance, making it a meaningful gift for couples.

What is the significance of giving anniversary stones?

Giving anniversary stones is a way to honor the milestones of a marriage and celebrate the enduring love between partners. It adds an extra layer of sentiment and thoughtfulness to the traditional gift-giving practice.

What are some popular anniversary stones?

Some popular anniversary stones include diamonds for the 10th and 60th anniversaries, pearls for the 30th anniversary, and rubies for the 40th anniversary. However, there is a wide range of gemstones associated with each year, allowing couples to choose based on personal preference or meaning.

Are anniversary stones mandatory gifts?

Anniversary stones are not mandatory gifts. They are simply a traditional suggestion for commemorating each year of marriage. Couples can choose to follow this tradition or opt for other meaningful gifts that resonate with them.

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