Carters Size Chart Baby

The Carters Size Chart for Babies includes size, weight (in lbs), and height (in inches) ranges for different age groups, from Preemie (Up to 5 lbs, Up to 17 inches) to 24M (28-30 lbs, 32-34 inches).
Carter’s Size Chart for Babies
Size Weight (lbs) Height (inches)
Preemie (P) Up to 5 Up to 17
Newborn (NB) 5-8 17-21.5
3M 8-12.5 21.5-24
6M 12.5-17 24-27
9M 17-21 27-28.5
12M 21-25 28.5-30
18M 25-28 30-32
24M 28-30 32-34

The Carters Size Chart for Babies provides a range of sizes based on weight and height measurements. It is essential to ensure the proper fit for little ones to ensure their comfort and safety. This size chart includes measurements for preemie (P) up to 5 lbs and 17 inches, newborn (NB) ranging from 5-8 lbs and 17-21.5 inches, and subsequent sizes such as 3M, 6M, 9M, 12M, 18M, and 24M, each corresponding to specific weight and height ranges. Understanding these size guidelines can assist parents and caretakers in choosing the appropriate clothing for their babies.


What measurements are included in Carter's Size Chart for babies?

Carter's Size Chart for babies typically includes measurements for height, weight, and age ranges.

How accurate is Carter's Size Chart for baby clothing?

Carter's Size Chart for baby clothing is designed to provide a general guideline for selecting the appropriate size, but individual baby sizes can vary. It is always recommended to refer to the specific measurements provided in each product's size chart when available.

What is the range of sizes available in Carter's Baby Clothing?

Carter's Baby Clothing is available in a range of sizes that typically start from newborn (0-3 months) and go up to 24 months or 2T. However, the availability of sizes may vary based on specific products.

Are Carter's Baby Clothing sizes consistent with other brands?

Carter's Baby Clothing sizes may not always align perfectly with other brands. Each brand may have its own unique sizing standards. It is advisable to refer to Carter's specific size charts and compare them to the measurements of other brands to ensure the right size is chosen.

Should I choose a size up in Carter's Baby Clothing to allow room for growth?

Carter's Baby Clothing is typically designed to accommodate a certain amount of growth, and it is not usually necessary to choose a size up. However, if your baby is at the upper end of the measurements for a particular size or you prefer a slightly looser fit, selecting a size up can be an option.

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