Tampon Sizes Chart

The Tampon Sizes Chart provides a range of absorbency levels for different flow intensities during menstruation.
Size Absorbency (grams) Description
Light ≤ 6 For very light flow or at the end of your period.
Regular 6-9 For moderate flow.
Super 9-12 For heavy flow.
Super Plus 12-15 For very heavy flow or the first days of your period.
Ultra 15-18 For the heaviest flow.

The Tampon Sizes Chart provides information about different tampon sizes based on their absorbency. This chart is designed to help individuals choose the appropriate tampon size based on their flow intensity and needs. The chart includes various sizes such as Light, Regular, Super, Super Plus, and Ultra, along with their corresponding absorbency levels in grams and a brief description of when they are most suitable to use. By referring to this chart, individuals can find the right tampon size that best meets their specific menstrual requirements.


What are the different tampon sizes available?

Tampon sizes typically range from light to regular, super, and super plus, with each size offering different levels of absorbency.

How do I choose the right tampon size for my flow?

To select the right tampon size, consider the amount of menstrual flow you typically have. Lighter flow may require a smaller size, while heavier flow may need a larger size with higher absorbency.

Can I use a larger tampon size even if I have a lighter flow?

It is generally recommended to use the smallest tampon size that can effectively manage your flow. Using a larger size when unnecessary may lead to discomfort or difficulty in insertion/removal.

What if I'm unsure about the appropriate tampon size for me?

If you're uncertain about the tampon size, it is often helpful to start with a smaller size and gradually move up if needed, tailoring it to your specific flow patterns and personal comfort.

Are tampon sizes universal across different brands?

Tampon sizes may vary slightly between brands in terms of dimensions and absorbency. It is essential to read the instructions and guidelines provided by the specific tampon brand to understand their size recommendations accurately.

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