Branding Statistics and Trends in 2024 

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Every brand needs to build trust so that its prospects consider buying, and later on, become loyal customers. An interesting fact is that 77% of people prefer shopping from brands they follow on social media. Brands’ first impressions are visual 55% of the time. 

Generally, when brands want to capture customers’ attention with their logo they have about 10 seconds to do so, or else the user’s attention span will move to something else dismissing the brand entirely.

Being consistent in branding results in higher revenue and recognition in the marketplace. Infographics are a good representation of information that brands want to spread, both in the B2B and B2C markets.

In this article we will be discussing some important statistics concerning branding, brand design, small business branding and branding communication. 

Branding: The Most Important Statistics

77% of people prefer shopping from brands they follow on social media.

94% of customers recommend brands they connect with emotionally.

Brands’ first impressions are visual 55% of the time. 

General Branding statistics

Revenue has been reported to increase by 20% when being brand consistent.

46% of consumers tend to pay more when purchasing from a trusted brand.

55% of brand first impressions are visual. 

Over 50% of brand reputation comes from socializing.

Statistics On Branding Trends For 2023

According to a study by Exploding Topics, 81% of consumers need to trust a brand to consider buying. 

77% of consumers prefer shopping with brands they follow on social media. 

65% of consumers say a brand’s CEO and employees influence their decision to buy.

55% of brand first impressions are visual. 

Another study by Exploding Topics suggests that 69% of people fear that more brands than ever are spreading fake news or misinformation. 

47% of people who follow brands on social media are more likely to visit that company’s website. 

The top three colors used by companies include: red, blue and grayscale.

Is Branding Design Really Important?

The US Chamber of Commerce displayed results of research that say 55% of a brand’s first impressions are visual. 

That’s why companies combine strategy and psychology to create stories that will create an amazing first impression.

Colors increase brand recognition by up to 80%. 

That is why the most important component of a brand design is its colors.

Statistics On Branding Marketing

Marketing and Branding are siblings. Almost all marketers believe that personalized marketing affects brand-building positively. The majority of brand marketers use social media primarily to create and increase brand awareness. 

Influenced by brands, 64% of consumers tagged brand hashtags on social media which helps brand awareness.

Brand consistency gives 10-20% more revenue which encourages brands to expand their brand budgets.

Brands need to promote positive experiences and marketing helps them do it by creating strategies that mostly gather around creating and distributing personalizing and problem solutions (valuable) content.

Over 50% of brand reputation comes from socializing, so social media marketing plays a big role in brand awareness.

Brands need to market themselves in a way that the market audience either feels compatible with its soul or wants to be a part of that brand family because it’s that popular and inspiring. 

If you are a business owner or looking to start your own, these statistics may help you reconsider aspects concerning your branding strategy.

Importance of Small Business Branding

About 85% of companies have brand guidelines and being brand consistent can give a revenue increase of up to 20%.

Being a trusted brand is a whole life-cycle task because 46% of consumers will pay more for trusted brands. 

Trusted brands that make a social impact will get even more attraction. Being personalized, consistent, transparent, content valuable, and being there at all times with help of marketing automation, helps the brand to be at the top as long as possible.

Brand identity is not just a logo or design, that’s the culmination of how the brand looks, feels, and speaks to consumers. For small businesses, it is very important to create a unique brand persona, because it is very hard to stand out. Small business brands need to constantly interact with audiences, create valuable content and customer experience, hire influencers to promote them, and much more. Small businesses need to have a brand because that is a critical driver of all communication.

What Impact does Branding Communication Have on Companies?

Nearly 6% of Instagram users in Chile who were surveyed in 2022 stated Nike was the first company that came to mind when they thought of that social media network.

Adidas and Coca-Cola came in second and third, with 4.3 and 3.8%. In Chile, the age range for Instagram users in 2022 was over one-third, between 25 and 34.

10% of TikTok users polled in Chile in 2022 stated that when thinking about that social media site, Nike was the first brand that came to mind. 

Coca-Cola and Adidas came in second and third, with 7.8% and 7.3%.  

In 2023, it is predicted that TikTok would be utilized by more than 6.6 million individuals in Chile.

Statistics On Branding Partnerships

A study by Finances Online provides current marketers with relevant branding information and figures. This encompasses the pre-pandemic state of the branding business and practice. It examines the current situation, best practices, and the direction that brand marketing is currently headed. This covers universal truths and branding concepts. 

54% of companies state that brand partnerships drive over 20% of their total revenue. 

68% of consumers make buying decisions after viewing partnership campaigns. 

74% of organizations reveal that brand partnerships and affiliate marketing are the top-most priorities.


Love it or hate it, but branding should always be one of the key factors to consider when setting up your business, or discussing business strategies. What we have seen is the almost always consumers will pay more when they are dealing with a brand that they trust. Moreover, brand consistency has been proven to drive sales higher.

It is also important to consider partnerships as they have been proven to drive up sales. In addition, A lot of consumers make their decision after seeing campaigns that come from partnerships.


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What is the importance of branding?

Branding is crucial as it helps in creating a unique identity and Differentiation. It greatly assists in attracting and retaining loyal customers by reinforcing their buying decision.

How does good branding raise the value of a company?

Good branding increases the company's potential value through more customers, better reputation, and high brand equity. It also aids in creating trust within the market and consumers, which over time, directly increases the company's value.

How does branding affect consumer decision making?

Branding significantly influences a consumer's purchase decisions. The quality and familiarity of a brand can build a sense of trust which influences the consumer's perception of the product. Branding also sends a message about the brand's positioning and its unique selling propositions which can sway consumer decisions.

Is branding only about the logo and visual identity?

No, branding is much more than just a logo or visual identity. It encompasses the entire customer experience, from logo and company name to your online presence, customer service, and physical interactions with customers.

What are the elements of strong branding?

The elements of strong branding include a clear vision and purpose, consistency, emotional connect, great brand name & logo, and a quality of product or service that is perceived by the target audience as meaningful and distinct.

How we write our statistic reports:

We have not conducted any studies ourselves. Our article provides a summary of all the statistics and studies available at the time of writing. We are solely presenting a summary, not expressing our own opinion. We have collected all statistics within our internal database. In some cases, we use Artificial Intelligence for formulating the statistics. The articles are updated regularly.

See our Editorial Process.

Table of Contents

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