Onlyfans Creator Statistics: Market Report & Data

Highlights: The Most Important Onlyfans Creator Statistics

  • There are more than 100,000 content creators on OnlyFans.
  • OnlyFans has 30 million registered users.
  • The top 1% of OnlyFans creators make 33% of the money.
  • 20% of OnlyFans content creators earn about 80% of the money on the site.
  • OnlyFans projected to make $2.5 billion in revenue in 2021.
  • 75% of OnlyFans users are either American or British.
  • The average content creator on OnlyFans earns about $180 per month.
  • The top earning content creator on OnlyFans is said to make $20 million per month.
  • Approximately 50% of OnlyFans' revenue comes from subscribers in the United States.
  • OnlyFans has paid out over $3 billion to creators since its launch.
  • 60% of OnlyFans content creators are aged between 18-34 years.
  • OnlyFans takes 20% commission from content creators.
  • As of 2020, OnlyFans had 85,000 content creators.
  • Revenue generated by OnlyFans increased by 540% in 2020.
  • Surveys suggest at least 10% of Americans have subscribed to an OnlyFans account.
  • Majority of OnlyFans creators produce content that isn't exclusively adult-themed; ranging from fitness tips, life advice, cooking to music.

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In the digital landscape, OnlyFans platform has emerged as a significant player, opening a new avenue for creators worldwide to generate income. As revenue streams continue to diversify, an in-depth analysis of OnlyFans creator statistics becomes increasingly valuable. This blog post aims to delve into those statistics, shedding light on the varying income levels, fan bases, and content types that encapsulate the diverse experiences of creators on this platform. Implementing these insights, creators and marketers alike can optimize their strategies and maximize their engagement and earnings on OnlyFans.

The Latest Onlyfans Creator Statistics Unveiled

There are more than 100,000 content creators on OnlyFans.

Diving deep into the pulsating heart of OnlyFans, it’s impossible to overlook the astounding number of over 100,000 content creators on the platform. This significant digit not only highlights the vast creative community underpinning the platform’s success, but also implies a digital economy bustling with opportunities for online entertainers and entrepreneurs. It underlines the magnetic viability of the platform as a lucrative springboard for content creators, painting a vivid portrait of a flourishing digital marketplace that effortlessly intertwines creativity, entrepreneurship and consumer engagement.

OnlyFans has 30 million registered users.

Surfing the colossal wave of digital content creation, OnlyFans boasts a staggering 30 million registered users. This remarkable statistic sheds light on the platform’s exponential growth and widespread appeal, signifying a vast audience pool for creators to tap into. Within the framework of OnlyFans Creator Statistics, this figure also underscores the immense potential for earnings, audience reach, and influencer status. It further underlines the crucial role that creators play as content generators on this platform, within a booming online space that intersperses content monetization with fan engagement.

The top 1% of OnlyFans creators make 33% of the money.

In a dynamic digital discourse about OnlyFans content creator statistics, the metric—that a minuscule 1% of creators reel in a staggering 33% of the platform’s earnings—resonates with exceptional significance. It dexterously encapsulates the economic disparity and imbalance in wealth distribution within the platform, sparking conversations on income inequality, potential monopolies, and the feasibility of economic success for the average OnlyFans creator. This comprehensive figure, serving as an embodiment of the chasm between the thriving few and the rest, is an eloquent testament to the harsh reality behind self-made digital success and is indispensable in any dialogue about the platform’s earning dynamics.

20% of OnlyFans content creators earn about 80% of the money on the site.

In analyzing the earning dynamics on OnlyFans, one striking data point leaps out: a disproportionate chunk of site revenue, around 80%, is garnered by a mere 20% of content creators. This statistic dramatically underscores the existence of a digital ‘elite’, achievers who, through a combination of premium content, aggressive promotional strategies, and likely, astute utilization of the platform’s features, have managed to corner a major share of the site’s income. This positions a vast majority of creators within a more modest earning bracket, thus revealing an intriguing asymmetry at the heart of OnlyFans business model. This recognition can significantly shape the discourse surrounding income potential and strategy formation for aspiring creators on this platform.

OnlyFans projected to make $2.5 billion in revenue in 2021.

Flashing with unprecedented digits, the foreseen $2.5 billion revenue growth of OnlyFans in 2021 not only underlines the platform’s financial potency but dramatically pivots the spotlight towards the lucrative prospects for its content creators. Within the domain of OnlyFans creator statistics, this astronomical revenue projection unfurls a captivating narrative of the substantial earning capacity, morphing the platform into a high-revenue generating hub for content creators. It palpably manifests the expanding horizons of digital content monetization and its rampant domination in the contemporary digital epoch.

75% of OnlyFans users are either American or British.

Highlighting that 75% of OnlyFans users hail from either the U.S. or Britain offers significant insight into the demographic spread within the platform. In a blog post about OnlyFans Creator Statistics, this information would be valuable as it shines a light on where the majority of consumer interest or financial support for creators might be based. It could guide creators on the platform by informing the content they produce, framing their target audience strategies, setting their schedules according to these time zones, or even influencing the currency they list on their pricing plans. This demographic concentration within two countries also underscores the potential untapped markets in other global regions.

The average content creator on OnlyFans earns about $180 per month.

Painting a vivid picture of what being a content creator on OnlyFans truly looks like, a deep dive into earnings statistics is indispensable. The figure, an average of $180 monthly earnings, serves as the compass, guiding insights about financial anticipations on the platform. It fleshes out potential income realities versus expectations, demystifying glamorized perceptions, and laying bare the economic disparities that undoubtedly exist. In discussing OnlyFans Creator Statistics, this statistic measures the pulse of earnings, anchors perspectives, and navigates the conversation surrounding financial viability on the dynamic landscape of OnlyFans.

The top earning content creator on OnlyFans is said to make $20 million per month.

Illuminating the zenith of earning potential within OnlyFans, the fact that the top content creator can rake in a staggering $20 million per month paints a vivid picture of the substantial financial opportunities available on this platform. In a blog post dedicated to OnlyFans creator statistics, this data point offers a tantalizing benchmark against which to compare and contrast the earnings of other creators, underscoring the platform’s potential as a powerful revenue source. Furthermore, it signals considerable interest and engagement from consumers, indicating the platform’s effective monetization of content and its solid foothold in the online content market.

Approximately 50% of OnlyFans’ revenue comes from subscribers in the United States.

Delving into the realms of OnlyFans’ financial dynamics, the data revealing that nearly half of the platform’s revenue has its origin in the United States bestows significant insights into the regional concentration of the user base. It cultivates an understanding of the demographic profile, behavior and preferences of the platform’s substantial revenue-contributing users. Coupled with the details about the creators, it contextualizes the driving forces behind the platform’s growth and profitability. Therefore, for creators aiming at boosting earnings or marketers seeking promotional strategies, this information becomes critically valuable, enabling targeted efforts to engage audience and optimize income effectively.

OnlyFans has paid out over $3 billion to creators since its launch.

Shedding light on the stunning monetary influence of OnlyFans, it’s revealed that over $3 billion has been paid out to creators since the platform’s inception. This striking figure underscores the tremendous earning potential that the platform provides, empowering various content creators. Within the ecosystem of OnlyFans creator statistics, it offers an extraordinary testament to the platform’s influence, reflecting what content creators are making out of their entrepreneurial endeavors. This financial statistic feeds the narrative of Swift financial progression, underlining the platform’s immense value for creators irrespective of their popularity status. Therefore, this statistic paves the way for diverse financial and popularity analysis in a broader context, ultimately crafting an intriguing outlook towards the platform’s economics.

60% of OnlyFans content creators are aged between 18-34 years.

Delving into the vibrant demographic tableau of OnlyFans, we uncover that a striking majority, 60% to be precise, of its content creators belong to the 18-34 age bracket. The vitality of this statistic becomes apparent in discourse as it not only highlights the platform’s popular appeal among young adults but also underscores its primary user base, thus serving as a magnifying lens for potential advertisers and investors. In a landscape often associated with adult content, it also sparks intriguing discussions on the prevalent societal and economic dynamics driving this choice among the youth.

OnlyFans takes 20% commission from content creators.

Unearthing the numbers behind the curtain, the revelation that OnlyFans pockets a substantial 20% commission from content creators delineates a pivotal part of the platform’s financial ecosystem. This figure casts light on the delicate tightrope creators walk between profit and cost on the platform, giving invaluable insight into earnings dynamics on OnlyFans. It is essential to grasp this to fully appreciate the economic realities these creators navigate, painting a comprehensive picture of content generation as a viable livelihood within the realm of OnlyFans creator statistics.

As of 2020, OnlyFans had 85,000 content creators.

In the lens of a blog post centered around OnlyFans creator statistics, the data point highlighting that OnlyFans had 85,000 content creators as of 2020 paints an illustrative picture of the platform’s expansive growth and dynamic creator landscape. This figure not only underscores the allure of OnlyFans as a revenue-generating platform for creators, but also grants a perspective into its wide array of content diversity and community engagement, offering valuable insights into the ever-evolving digital content creation space.

Revenue generated by OnlyFans increased by 540% in 2020.

Illuminating the trajectory of OnlyFans, the thrilling 540% surge in revenue in 2020 highlights not only the platform’s impressive growth, but also underscores the escalating financial opportunities for creators. Amidst an era where content monetization is increasingly critical, these figures exhibit that OnlyFans has emerged as a lucrative hub for creatives ranging from fitness trainers to chefs and musicians. Furthermore, this revenue spike underpins the platform’s potential to reshape the digital space by giving content creators a grand stage to connect with their audience and earn simultaneously.

Surveys suggest at least 10% of Americans have subscribed to an OnlyFans account.

Elucidating on the impressive statistic, ‘Surveys suggest at least 10% of Americans have subscribed to an OnlyFans account,’ gives depth to a blog post about OnlyFans Creator Statistics. This figure paints a vibrant picture of the platform’s popularity amongst an expansive American crowd. Equally, it underscores the potential lucrative opportunity for creators, considering a sizeable portion of the U.S. population has shown willingness to invest in the platform. Furthermore, this resonates with potential creators as a testament of the platform’s profitability and the audience’s interest, thereby enriching the story behind creator statistics on OnlyFans.

Majority of OnlyFans creators produce content that isn’t exclusively adult-themed; ranging from fitness tips, life advice, cooking to music.

Highlighting the diversity of content produced on OnlyFans is crucial for altering commonly held misconceptions about the platform. By illustrating that a large proportion of creators are leveraging the platform to share non-explicit content—such as fitness tips, life advice, cooking, or music—it serves to bust the myth that OnlyFans is solely for adult entertainment. This statistic helps underscore the potential of OnlyFans as a marketing and income generation tool for a wide array of creators, something that could encourage more diverse content development on the platform, widen its user base, and boost its overall growth and success.


The Onlyfans platform has seen a significant growth surge, indicating a lucrative market for content creators. The success rate of content creators, as defined by their earnings, varies widely, depending largely on factors such as niche, consistency, level of engagement with fans, and marketing strategies. As the platform continues to grow, gaining a greater understanding of these statistics could be vital for aspiring creators aiming to maximize their potential earnings on Onlyfans.


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1. What is the average income for an Onlyfans creator?

1. The income for Onlyfans creators can vary widely. Some can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month, while others make less. On average, a creator might make between $180 and $200 per month, however, some of the more popular creators can earn significantly more.

2. How many subscribers does the average Onlyfans creator have?

2. The number of subscribers can fluctuate drastically based on factors such as the creator's fame and content status. Based on various reports, however, a typical creator may have around 100 to 1,000 subscribers.

3. What is the demographic of the average Onlyfans subscriber?

3. The demographic data for Onlyfans subscribers isn't publicly available, but it's largely believed that they are mainly males aged between 25-34, with a significant portion also being females within the same age range.

4. What percentage of OnlyFans creators make above $50,000 per year?

4. While OnlyFans hasn't released official data, estimates suggest that around the top 1% to 5% of creators could potentially be making more than $50,000 per year, considering their number of followers and subscription fees.

5. How do most Onlyfans creators tend to price their subscriptions?

5. Subscription pricing really varies from creator to creator. However, an average subscription cost for viewers tends to fall somewhere around $10 - $20 per month. This, of course, can fluctuate based on the popularity and marketing strategies implemented by the creator.

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