Crochet Hook Size Chart

The Crochet Hook Size Chart provides metric, US, and UK/Canadian sizes for a range of crochet hook measurements.
Metric Size (mm) US Size UK/Canadian Size
2.00 mm B-1 14
2.25 mm B-1 13
2.50 mm C-2 12
2.75 mm C-2 12
3.00 mm D-3 11
3.25 mm D-3 10
3.50 mm E-4 9
3.75 mm F-5 9
4.00 mm G-6 8
4.50 mm 7 7
5.00 mm H-8 6
5.50 mm I-9 5
6.00 mm J-10 4
6.50 mm K-10.5 3
7.00 mm 2
7.50 mm 1
8.00 mm L-11 0
9.00 mm M/N-13 00
10.00 mm N/P-15 000
12.00 mm O
15.00 mm P/Q
19.00 mm S
25.00 mm U

The Crochet Hook Size Chart provides a reference guide for crochet hooks and their corresponding sizes in different measurement systems. This chart includes the metric size in millimeters, the US size, and the UK/Canadian size for each crochet hook. It is a useful tool for crocheters to determine the appropriate hook size for their projects, ensuring accurate gauge and desired results. The chart ranges from smaller sizes like 2.00 mm to larger sizes like 25.00 mm, covering a wide range of crochet hook options.


What is a crochet hook size chart?

A crochet hook size chart is a reference guide that provides information about the different sizes of crochet hooks available in the market.

How are crochet hook sizes labeled?

Crochet hook sizes are labeled using letters, numbers, or a combination of both. The most commonly used labeling system in the United States is the lettering system, ranging from B (2.25mm) to Q (15.75mm).

What does the size of a crochet hook indicate?

The size of a crochet hook indicates the diameter of the shaft. Smaller hook sizes create tighter stitches, while larger hook sizes result in looser and more open stitches.

How can I determine the size of my crochet hook?

The size of your crochet hook can be identified by either looking for the size label engraved or printed on the hook, or by using a crochet hook gauge, which helps measure the diameter of the hook.

Can I use a different size hook than what is recommended in a pattern?

While it is generally recommended to use the hook size suggested in a pattern to achieve the desired gauge and finished size, you can experiment with different hook sizes to modify the tension and appearance of your project. However, keep in mind that changing hook sizes may require adjustments to the pattern.

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