Actual Ring Size Chart On Screen

The Actual Ring Size Chart provides ring sizes in US & Canada, UK, Europe & Australia, circumference in mm, and diameter in mm for sizes 0 to 14.
Ring Size US & Canada UK, Europe & Australia Circumference (mm) Diameter (mm)
0 0 36.5 11.6
1 1 39.1 12.4
2 2 41.7 13.3
3 3 F 44.2 14.1
4 4 H 46.8 14.9
5 5 J 1/2 49.3 15.7
6 6 L 1/2 51.9 16.5
7 7 N 1/2 54.4 17.3
8 8 P 1/2 57.0 18.1
9 9 R 1/2 59.5 18.9
10 10 T 1/2 62.1 19.8
11 11 V 1/2 64.6 20.6
12 12 X 1/2 67.2 21.4
13 13 Z 69.7 22.2
14 14 Z+2 72.3 23.0

The Actual Ring Size Chart provides information about ring sizes in different regions such as the US & Canada, UK, Europe, and Australia. The chart includes columns for ring size numbers, corresponding sizes in different regions, circumference in millimeters, and diameter in millimeters. This chart can be useful for determining the correct ring size for individuals in various countries or regions.


How do I use the actual ring size chart on the screen?

Simply follow the instructions provided on the screen. Take a measurement of your finger using a ruler or a measuring tape, then refer to the chart to determine your ring size.

Is the actual ring size chart on the screen accurate?

Yes, the ring size chart on the screen is designed to be accurate. However, it is important to follow the measurement instructions carefully for the most precise results.

Can I rely solely on the actual ring size chart on the screen to determine my size?

While the chart provides a good starting point, it is always recommended to try on physical ring sizers or visit a jeweler to confirm your size. Factors like the shape of your finger and the width of the ring band can affect the fit.

Are there different ring size charts for men and women on the screen?

No, the actual ring size chart on the screen is typically universal and can be used for both men and women. However, some charts may have separate measurements for different countries, so make sure to select the appropriate one for your region.

Can the actual ring size chart on the screen be used for all types of rings?

Yes, the ring size chart on the screen is applicable for most types of rings, including engagement rings, wedding bands, and fashion rings. However, some specialty rings with unique designs may require additional sizing considerations.

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