Holiday Barbies By Year Chart

The chart provides a list of Holiday Barbies from 1988 to 2022, each with their corresponding year, name, and theme/color of the dress.
Year Name Theme/Color
1988 Holiday Barbie Red Dress
1989 Holiday Barbie White Dress
1990 Holiday Barbie Pink Dress
1991 Holiday Barbie Green Dress
1992 Holiday Barbie Silver Dress
1993 Holiday Barbie Red & Gold Dress
1994 Holiday Barbie Gold Dress
1995 Holiday Barbie Green & Silver Dress
1996 Holiday Barbie Burgundy & Gold Dress
1997 Holiday Barbie Red, White & Silver Dress
1998 Holiday Barbie Black & Silver Dress
1999 Millennium Princess Barbie Blue & Silver Dress
2000 Celebration Barbie Gold & White Dress
2001 Holiday Celebration Barbie White & Silver Dress
2002 Holiday Celebration Barbie Red & Gold Dress
2003 Winter Fantasy Holiday Barbie Pink Dress
2004 Holiday Barbie Burgundy Dress
2005 Holiday Barbie Green Dress
2006 Holiday Barbie Black & Pink Dress
2007 Holiday Barbie Red & White Dress
2008 Holiday Barbie Red Dress
2009 Holiday Barbie White & Silver Dress
2010 Holiday Barbie Pink & Black Dress
2011 Holiday Barbie Green & Gold Dress
2012 Holiday Barbie Red & Silver Dress
2013 Holiday Barbie White & Silver Dress
2014 Holiday Barbie Red & Gold Dress
2015 Holiday Barbie White & Red Dress
2016 Holiday Barbie Aqua Dress
2017 Holiday Barbie Red Dress
2018 Holiday Barbie Red & White Dress
2019 Holiday Barbie Blue Dress
2020 Holiday Barbie Black & Gold Dress
2021 Holiday Barbie White & Silver Gown
2022 Holiday Barbie Gold Dress

The Holiday Barbies By Year chart provides a comprehensive overview of the different Holiday Barbie dolls released from 1988 to the present. The chart includes information on the year of release, the name of the Barbie, and the theme or color of the dress. This chart allows collectors and enthusiasts to track the evolution of the Holiday Barbie over the years and observe the various styles and designs that have been featured.


What is a Holiday Barbie By Year Chart?

A Holiday Barbie By Year Chart is a visual representation or list that showcases the different Barbie doll releases specifically designed for the holiday season.

How many years has the Holiday Barbie series been running?

The Holiday Barbie series has been running for over three decades since its inception in 1988.

How many different Holiday Barbie dolls have been released over the years?

As of the most recent update, there have been over 30 different Holiday Barbie dolls released, each with unique designs and themes.

What are some notable editions of the Holiday Barbie series?

Some notable editions of the Holiday Barbie series include the 1988 Happy Holidays Barbie, the Millennium Princess Barbie from 1999, and the 2013 Holiday Barbie in a glamorous gold gown.

Where can I find a Holiday Barbie By Year Chart?

You can find a Holiday Barbie By Year Chart on various websites dedicated to Barbie collectors, online marketplaces, or even official Barbie websites that provide a comprehensive history of Barbie dolls.

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