Raw Cone Size Chart

The Raw Cone Size Chart lists the various sizes of Raw cones, including their length, diameters at the tip and wider end, and typical capacity in grams.
Raw Cone Size Length (in inches) Diameter at Tip (in inches) Diameter at Wider End (in inches) Typical Capacity (in grams)
Classic 1 1/4 3.3 0.12 0.58 0.75
King Size 4.3 0.12 0.7 1.15
Emperador 7.09 0.2 0.86 2
Supernatural 11 0.2 1.18 3.8
Peacemaker 5.5 0.16 0.75 1.5
98 Special 4 0.12 0.55 0.95
Lean 4.5 0.12 0.4 0.7
Small 2.95 0.12 0.4 0.5

The Raw Cone Size Chart provides information about the various sizes of Raw cones, a popular type of rolling paper used for smoking. The chart includes details such as the length, diameter at the tip, diameter at the wider end, and typical capacity of each cone size in inches and grams. This chart serves as a reference guide for individuals who are looking to choose the right Raw cone size for their smoking preferences.


What is a Raw Cone Size Chart?

A Raw Cone Size Chart is a tool used to provide information about different sizes of pre-rolled cones produced by Raw, a popular brand of rolling papers.

How many sizes are typically included in a Raw Cone Size Chart?

A standard Raw Cone Size Chart usually includes three sizes 1 1/4, King Size, and King Size XL.

What does the term "1 1/4" refer to in the Raw Cone Size Chart?

"1 1/4" is a size of pre-rolled cone that measures approximately 1.25 inches in length. It is designed for individuals who prefer a shorter smoke.

What is the size of a King Size cone according to the Raw Cone Size Chart?

King Size cones, as indicated on the Raw Cone Size Chart, measure approximately 4.5 inches in length. They are longer than 1 1/4 cones and provide a larger smoking experience.

How big are the King Size XL cones according to the Raw Cone Size Chart?

King Size XL cones, as mentioned on the Raw Cone Size Chart, are around 7 inches long. They are the largest pre-rolled cones offered by Raw and are ideal for sharing or an extended smoking session.

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