Storage Unit Size Chart

The chart provides information about the sizes of storage units, their metric equivalents, comparable spaces, and what they can hold.
Size (Feet) Size (Meters) Comparable To What It Can Hold
5×5 1.5×1.5 Small Closet Small furniture, several boxes, seasonal items
5×10 1.5×3 Walk-in Closet A mattress set, a sofa, dining room set, or several boxes
10×10 3×3 Half of a One-Car Garage Standard furnishings of one bedroom apartment without appliances, or about 20 boxes
10×15 3×4.5 Two-Thirds of a One-Car Garage Furnishings of two bedroom apartment or small house without appliances, or a vehicle
10×20 3×6 Standard One-Car Garage Furnishings of a three-bedroom apartment or small house with appliances, or a car
10×30 3×9 Standard Two-Car Garage Furnishings of a four or five bedroom house with appliances, garage extras, and miscellaneous items or a vehicle or boat

The Storage Unit Size Chart provides a comprehensive comparison of different storage unit sizes in both feet and meters, along with their comparable size and the items they can hold. This chart serves as a useful reference for individuals looking to determine the appropriate storage unit size based on their specific storage needs. By understanding the dimensions and capabilities of these storage units, individuals can make informed decisions and efficiently utilize the available space.


What is a storage unit size chart?

A storage unit size chart is a visual representation or guide that provides information about various storage unit sizes available at a facility.

How can I use a storage unit size chart effectively?

To use a storage unit size chart effectively, start by assessing the items you plan to store and their respective dimensions. Then, refer to the chart to help you select the appropriate unit size that accommodates your belongings.

What are the common storage unit sizes offered in most facilities?

Common storage unit sizes typically range from small closets or lockers (around 5x5 feet) to larger units (10x20 feet or more). Intermediate sizes such as 5x10, 10x10, and 10x15 feet are also commonly available.

How do I determine which storage unit size is suitable for my needs?

By referring to a storage unit size chart and considering the quantity and size of items you wish to store. It's always better to opt for a slightly larger unit if you have doubts about the available space.

Can I view a storage unit size chart online before visiting the facility?

Yes, many storage facilities provide storage unit size charts on their websites. These charts can give you a preliminary understanding of the available options and help you plan your visit accordingly.

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