Ground Size Chart

The chart provides information about the ground size and total area of five cricket stadiums located in Melbourne, Kolkata, London, Johannesburg, and Auckland, respectively.
Ground Name Location Length (m) Width (m) Total Area (m²)
MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) Melbourne, Australia 171 146 24,956
Eden Gardens Kolkata, India 150 140 21,000
Lords London, England 150 137 20,550
Wanderers Stadium Johannesburg, South Africa 148 144 21,312
Eden Park Auckland, New Zealand 165 125 20,625

The Ground Size Chart provides information about the dimensions and total area of several famous cricket grounds around the world. The chart includes details such as the ground name, location, length, width, and total area in square meters. This information is essential for understanding the size and capacity of these grounds, which play a significant role in hosting cricket matches and tournaments. Let’s dive into the details to explore the different dimensions of these renowned cricket arenas.


What is a Ground Size Chart?

A Ground Size Chart is a chart or diagram that provides information about the size and dimensions of a specific area of land or ground.

What are the common units used in Ground Size Charts?

The common units used in Ground Size Charts are square feet, acres, square meters, and hectares.

How can I interpret a Ground Size Chart?

To interpret a Ground Size Chart, you need to understand the scale mentioned on the chart, usually represented by a ratio. By scaling the chart to match the ground area you are interested in, you can determine the actual size of the land.

How can I measure the size of a ground using a Ground Size Chart?

To measure the size of a ground using a Ground Size Chart, you can use a ruler or measuring tape to determine the length of the sides of the area you want to measure. Then, using the scale mentioned on the chart, you can calculate the actual size in the chosen unit.

Where can I find a Ground Size Chart?

Ground Size Charts can be found in various sources such as land survey reports, real estate listings, property deeds, and official land registry offices. Additionally, many online mapping tools and websites provide access to ground size information for specific locations.

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