Average Push Ups By Age Chart

The chart summarizes the average number of push-ups based on age, with men generally being able to do more than women in each age range.
Age Range Average Push Ups (Men) Average Push Ups (Women)
17-19 31-35 15-20
20-29 22-28 12-18
30-39 17-21 8-14
40-49 13-16 5-10
50-59 10-12 4-7
60+ 8-10 3-5

The Average Push Ups By Age Chart provides information on the average number of push-ups that men and women can do based on different age ranges. The chart presents data for various age groups, starting from 17-19 and going up to 60+. The average number of push-ups for men and women is provided within each age range. This chart can be used as a reference to assess one’s performance and compare it to the average values for their age group.


How can I interpret the average push-ups by age chart?

The average push-ups by age chart provides a visual representation of the average number of push-ups individuals can perform based on their age. This allows you to compare your own performance against the average for your age group.

Is the average push-up count the same for both males and females in the chart?

The average push-up count presented in the chart is typically calculated separately for males and females. Due to physiological differences, the average push-up count may differ between genders.

Are the values in the chart based on a specific population or sample?

The values in the average push-ups by age chart are usually derived from studies or surveys conducted on a specific population or sample. It is important to consider the demographics and characteristics of the population from which the data is obtained to determine its relevance to your own circumstances.

Are the average push-up counts in the chart representative of all fitness levels?

The average push-up counts presented in the chart are an indication of the general population's performance. It is important to note that fitness levels can vary widely, and the chart may not account for individuals with exceptionally high or low push-up capabilities.

How can I use the average push-ups by age chart to set personal fitness goals?

The average push-ups by age chart can serve as a benchmark to help you set realistic and attainable fitness goals. By comparing your current push-up count to the average for your age group, you can identify areas for improvement and strive to reach or surpass the average count for better fitness performance.

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