Earring Size Chart Mm

The Earring Size Chart provides a range of earring sizes in millimeters along with their corresponding styles and common uses.
Earring Size (mm) Style Common Uses
2mm Stud Second or third piercings, minimal style
3mm Stud Primary piercing for subtle look
4mm Stud / Small Drop Versatile, everyday wear
5mm Stud / Small Drop Noticeable yet elegant
6-7mm Stud / Hoop / Drop Statement pieces for casual or formal
8-10mm Hoop / Drop / Dangle Bold styles, evening wear
10mm+ Hoop / Drop / Dangle Large, eye-catching pieces

The Earring Size Chart in millimeters provides a comprehensive guide to help you select the perfect pair of earrings for any occasion. This chart categorizes earring sizes based on their measurements and provides information on the styles and common uses associated with each size. Whether you are looking for minimalist studs for second or third piercings or eye-catching dangle earrings for a formal event, this chart will assist you in finding the ideal size that suits your personal style and desired level of elegance.


What is the standard earring size for women?

The standard earring size for women typically ranges from small studs measuring around 3-4 mm to dangling earrings measuring 20-25 mm in length.

What earring size is considered too big for everyday wear?

Earring sizes larger than 10-12 mm are generally considered too big for everyday wear as they may be heavy and uncomfortable, especially for those with sensitive ears.

What is the average size for hoop earrings?

The average size for hoop earrings varies widely, but they commonly range from 15-45 mm in diameter. Smaller sizes tend to be more versatile for casual wear, while larger sizes make a bolder fashion statement.

What earring size is suitable for children?

Earring sizes for children typically range from 2-6 mm in order to accommodate their smaller ears. It is important to consider safety and choose lightweight options for children's earrings.

How can I convert earring sizes from inches to millimeters?

To convert earring sizes from inches to millimeters, simply multiply the measurement in inches by 25.4. For example, if an earring is 0.5 inches long, the equivalent length in millimeters would be 12.7 mm.

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