Wire Size Chart

The wire size chart provides information on wire gauge, diameter in inches and mm, maximum current for chassis wiring and power transmission, as well as resistance per 1000 feet and per km.
Wire Gauge (AWG) Diameter (Inches) Diameter (mm) Max Current (Amps) for Chassis Wiring Max Current (Amps) for Power Transmission Resistance (Ohms per 1000 feet) Resistance (Ohms per km)
0 0.3249 8.251 150 195 0.0983 0.3224
2 0.2576 6.544 115 130 0.1563 0.5127
4 0.2043 5.189 85 95 0.2485 0.8152
6 0.1620 4.115 65 75 0.3951 1.2967
8 0.1285 3.264 40 50 0.6282 2.0618
10 0.1019 2.588 30 40 0.9989 3.2764
12 0.0808 2.053 20 25 1.588 5.211
14 0.0641 1.628 15 20 2.525 8.282
16 0.0508 1.291 10 13 4.016 13.17
18 0.0403 1.024 7 10 6.385 20.94
20 0.0320 0.812 5 7.5 10.15 33.31

The Wire Size Chart provided here is a valuable reference tool for understanding the specifications of different wire gauges (AWG) commonly used in electrical applications. This chart includes important information such as the wire diameter in both inches and millimeters, the maximum current capacity for chassis wiring and power transmission, and the wire resistance per 1000 feet and per kilometer. These details are essential for selecting the appropriate wire size for various electrical installations and ensuring safe and efficient operation.


What is a wire size chart?

A wire size chart is a reference tool that provides information on the appropriate size of wire to use for different electrical applications.

Why is a wire size chart important?

A wire size chart is important because using the wrong size of wire can lead to electrical inefficiencies, safety hazards, or damage to electrical components. It helps ensure the correct wire gauge is used for the intended current and length requirements.

How does a wire size chart work?

A wire size chart typically lists electrical wire gauge sizes and their corresponding ampere ratings. By considering key factors such as the length of the wire run and the amount of current required, the chart helps determine the appropriate wire size for a specific application.

What are the different wire gauges found in a wire size chart?

Wire size charts commonly include a range of wire gauges, often designated by a letter or a number. Examples may include AWG (American Wire Gauge) or SWG (Standard Wire Gauge) sizes, which range from thicker wire (lower gauge number) to thinner wire (higher gauge number).

Where can I find a wire size chart?

Wire size charts can be found in electrical reference books, online resources, or even provided by manufacturers of electrical equipment. They are easily accessible and widely used in electrical engineering, construction, and related industries to ensure proper wire sizing.

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