Must-Know Mobile Phone Use Statistics [Latest Report]

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In this post, we will explore a comprehensive collection of mobile phone use statistics from various reputable sources. From the number of global mobile subscribers to the growing prominence of mobile commerce, these statistics paint a vivid picture of the widespread impact and usage of mobile devices in today’s digital landscape.

Statistic 1

"As of January 2021, there are 5.2 billion unique mobile subscribers worldwide. (source: GSMA Intelligence)"

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Statistic 2

"As of October 2020, mobile devices account for 50.81% of global web traffic. (source: StatCounter GlobalStats)"

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Statistic 3

"Nearly 75% of the global population uses mobile phones as of 2021. (source: BankMyCell)"

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Statistic 4

"As of 2019, the average smartphone user spends 3 hours and 15 minutes per day using their mobile phone. (source: eMarketer)"

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Statistic 5

"In 2020, 3.81% of global web traffic was generated by feature phones, while 61.1% came from smartphones. (source: Statista)"

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Statistic 6

"It is estimated that 81% of the adult population in the United States owns a smartphone. (source: Pew Research Center)"

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Statistic 7

"In 2021, the global mobile app market is valued at over $365 billion. (source: Statista)"

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Statistic 8

"As of 2021, there are over 3.5 million apps available on Google’s Play Store for Android devices. (source: Statista)"

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Statistic 9

"Social media apps account for 50% of the time spent on mobile devices in the United States. (source: Datareportal)"

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Statistic 10

"In 2020, the average number of texts sent per day per person in the United States was 94.3. (source: Statista)"

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Statistic 11

"In 2021, it is estimated that 47% of mobile phone users worldwide will use a mobile payment service. (source: Statista)"

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Statistic 12

"Approximately 90% of global smartphone users admit to using their phones in the bathroom. (source: BankMyCell)"

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Statistic 13

"In 2020, mobile video accounted for 63% of all mobile data traffic. (source: Statista)"

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Statistic 14

"By 2022, it is expected that 67.1% of the global population will use mobile phones. (source: Datareportal)"

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Statistic 15

"As of 2021, 80% of Internet users have accessed the web via a mobile device. (source: Smart Insights)"

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Statistic 16

"In 2020, 57% of internet users reported using their mobile phones as their primary device to access the internet. (source: Datareportal)"

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Statistic 17

"Users of mobile phones in the United States check their phones on average 96 times per day. (source: Asurion)"

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Statistic 18

"In 2021, mobile Commerce (mCommerce) is expected to account for 54% of total eCommerce sales. (source: 99firms)"

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In conclusion, the prevalence and impact of mobile phones on a global scale are undeniable, with billions of users worldwide engaging with their devices for various purposes. The statistics presented highlight the widespread adoption of mobile technology across demographics and its integral role in daily activities, from web browsing and social media engagement to mobile commerce and video consumption. As mobile usage continues to increase and evolve rapidly, businesses and individuals alike must adapt to the mobile-centric landscape to stay relevant and connected in an increasingly digital world.

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