Tattoo Size Chart

The tattoo size chart categorizes tattoos into small, medium, large, and extra large based on their dimensions, with corresponding typical placements for each size category.
Tattoo Size Dimensions (inches) Typical Placement
Small Up to 2″ Wrist, Ankle, Behind the Ear
Medium 2″ to 6″ Forearm, Bicep, Calf
Large 6″ to 10″ Thigh, Shoulder, Upper Arm
Extra Large 10″ and above Back, Chest, Full Sleeve

The Tattoo Size Chart categorizes tattoo sizes based on their dimensions in inches and typical placement areas. It provides a helpful guide for individuals looking to get a tattoo and deciding on the appropriate size for their desired placement. The chart includes four size categories – Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large – with corresponding dimensions and recommended body areas for each size.


What is a tattoo size chart?

A tattoo size chart is a visual reference that indicates the different dimensions of tattoos, typically in relation to body parts.

How can a tattoo size chart be helpful?

A tattoo size chart can be helpful in determining the ideal size for a tattoo design, taking into consideration factors like body placement and personal preferences.

Are tattoo size charts standardized?

Tattoo size charts are not standardized as they can vary from artist to artist or tattoo studio. However, general guidelines can be found online or provided by the tattoo artist.

What are the common measurements used in tattoo size charts?

Common measurements used in tattoo size charts include inches, centimeters, or millimeters, depending on the accuracy required and the artist's preference.

Can a tattoo size chart help in estimating the cost of a tattoo?

Yes, a tattoo size chart can help estimate the cost of a tattoo as some tattoo artists charge based on the size of the design. By referencing the chart, you can get an idea of the approximate cost.

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