Superbowl Location By Year Chart

The Super Bowl has been held in various stadiums across different cities and states, including Glendale, Arizona in 2023, Inglewood, California in 2022, Tampa, Florida in 2021, Miami Gardens, Florida in 2020, and Atlanta, Georgia in 2019.

Year Super Bowl Location (Stadium, City, State)
2023 LVII State Farm Stadium, Glendale, Arizona
2022 LVI SoFi Stadium, Inglewood, California
2021 LV Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, Florida
2020 LIV Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, Florida
2019 LIII Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, Georgia

The Superbowl Location By Year chart provides information about the Superbowl events held in different years, along with the corresponding stadium and city locations. The chart includes details such as the year, Super Bowl number, and the location including the stadium, city, and state. This data allows us to examine the various venues that have hosted the Superbowl over the years and provides insights into the geographical distribution of the event.


In which city was the Super Bowl held in 2010?

The Super Bowl in 2010 was held in Miami, Florida.

Which state has hosted the most Super Bowls?

The state that has hosted the most Super Bowls is Florida, with a total of 11.

When was the last time the Super Bowl was held in New Orleans?

The last time the Super Bowl was held in New Orleans was in 2013.

How many times has the Super Bowl been held in Los Angeles?

The Super Bowl has been held in Los Angeles a total of 7 times.

In which year did the Super Bowl take place in a cold-weather city?

The Super Bowl took place in a cold-weather city in 2014, when it was held in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

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