Apple Watch Band Size Chart Mm

The Apple Watch Band Size Chart displays the case size (in mm), band size (in mm), and wrist size range (in mm) for different types of bands.
Band Type Case Size (mm) Band Size (mm) Wrist Size Range (mm)
Solo Loop 41 1 – 9 125 – 200
Solo Loop 45 4 – 12 135 – 220
Braided Solo Loop 41 1 – 9 125 – 200
Braided Solo Loop 45 4 – 12 135 – 220
Sport Band 41 S/M & M/L 130 – 200
Sport Band 45 M/L & L/XL 140 – 210
Leather Loop 41 (only fits 45mm cases) 150 – 185
Modern Buckle 41 S, M, L 135 – 180
Link Bracelet 45 135 – 210
Leather Link 41 S/M & M/L 130 – 180
Leather Link 45 M/L & L/XL 140 – 210

The Apple Watch Band Size Chart provides information about the sizes of different bands for the Apple Watch, categorized by the type of band and matching case size. The chart includes details such as the band size in millimeters, the wrist size range it is suitable for, and any specific variations for certain bands. Having accurate measurements is essential for choosing the right band size that fits comfortably on your wrist and complements the Apple Watch’s aesthetics. This chart serves as a useful reference for customers looking to customize their Apple Watch with different band options.


What is the purpose of an Apple Watch Band Size Chart in mm?

The Apple Watch Band Size Chart in mm provides accurate measurements to help users choose the right-sized band for their Apple Watch.

How can I determine my Apple Watch band size using the chart?

To determine your Apple Watch band size, you can measure the circumference of your wrist and match it with the corresponding measurement on the chart.

What sizes are available for Apple Watch bands?

Apple Watch bands are available in various sizes, typically ranging from 38mm to 44mm, with different size options for different models.

Can I use any band size with any Apple Watch model?

No, Apple Watch bands are specific to certain models and sizes. It is important to ensure compatibility by referring to the Apple Watch Band Size Chart and comparing it with your watch model.

Are there different band size options available for different band styles?

Yes, different band styles may have specific size options. It is recommended to check the Apple Watch Band Size Chart for the specific band style you are interested in to find the appropriate size choices.

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