Septum Size Chart

The Septum Size Chart provides the inner diameters in millimeters and inches for various gauge sizes ranging from 20G to 00G.

Author: Jannik Lindner

First published: 7/17/2024

The Septum Size Chart provides a comprehensive overview of different gauge sizes along with their corresponding inner diameters in millimeters and inches. This handy reference tool assists individuals in selecting the most suitable septum size for their piercings based on their preferences and needs.

Chart Data

Size (Gauge) Inner Diameter (mm) Inner Diameter (in)
20G 8 0.315
18G 10 0.394
16G 12 0.472
14G 14 0.551
12G 16 0.63
10G 19 0.748
8G 22 0.866
6G 25 0.984
4G 28 1.102
2G 32 1.26
0G 35 1.378
00G 38 1.496


The septum size chart provides information on different gauge sizes, inner diameters in millimeters, and inner diameters in inches. It is a useful reference for individuals looking to choose the appropriate size for their septum piercing.


What is considered a normal size for the septum in an adult human?

The normal range for septum size in adults is typically between 1-2 millimeters in thickness.

Can the septum size vary among individuals?

Yes, the size of the septum can vary among individuals, with some people having thicker or thinner septa than others.

How is septum size measured?

Septum size is typically measured using imaging techniques such as MRI or CT scans, which can provide detailed images of the nasal cavity and septum.

What are the potential implications of an abnormally large or small septum size?

An abnormally large or small septum size can potentially lead to breathing difficulties, nasal obstruction, and other sinus-related issues.

Can septum size change over time?

While septum size generally remains stable in adulthood, certain factors such as trauma or inflammatory conditions can lead to changes in septum size over time.