Nike Size Chart

The Nike Size Chart lists the US shoe size and corresponding foot length in inches for various sizes.
US Size Foot Length (inches)
6 9.3
6.5 9.5
7 9.6
7.5 9.8
8 10
8.5 10.2
9 10.4
9.5 10.6
10 10.8
10.5 11
11 11.2
11.5 11.4
12 11.6
12.5 11.8
13 12
13.5 12.2
14 12.4

The Nike Size Chart provided below displays the corresponding US shoe sizes and their respective foot lengths in inches. This chart is useful for individuals looking to determine the correct Nike shoe size based on their foot length measurements. The range of sizes listed includes options from US size 6 to 14, with corresponding foot lengths ranging from 9.3 inches to 12.4 inches.


How do I determine my shoe size according to the Nike Size Chart?

To determine your shoe size, you can refer to the Nike Size Chart and measure your foot length using a ruler or measuring tape. Match the measurement to the corresponding shoe size on the chart to find your size.

Does the Nike Size Chart apply to all types of shoes?

Yes, the Nike Size Chart is generally applicable to all types of Nike shoes, including sneakers, running shoes, and athletic footwear. However, there may be slight variations in sizing between different shoe models or styles.

Are Nike shoe sizes consistent with other footwear brands?

Nike shoe sizes can vary slightly from other footwear brands due to differences in shoe design and manufacturing. It's always recommended to consult the specific Nike Size Chart to ensure an accurate fit, rather than assuming your size based on other brands.

Can I use the Nike Size Chart for both men's and women's shoes?

Yes, the Nike Size Chart provides separate measurements for both men's and women's shoes. Make sure to refer to the correct section of the chart based on your gender to find the appropriate shoe size.

Are there different size charts for children's Nike shoes?

Yes, Nike offers a separate size chart specifically for children's shoes. The sizing for kids' shoes may differ from adult sizes, so it's essential to consult the appropriate Nike Size Chart for children to ensure the right fit.

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