Necklace Size Chart

The Necklace Size Chart provides sizes in inches and centimeters for different necklace types, along with descriptions of how they fit.
Necklace Type Size (Inches) Size (Centimeters) Style & Fit
Collar 12-14 30-35 Fits closely around the neck
Choker 14-16 35-40 Fits closely to the base of the neck
Princess 16-18 40-45 Sits on the collarbone
Matinee 20-24 50-60 Falls just above the breasts
Opera 28-36 70-90 Hangs over the blouse or dress
Rope 36+ 90+ Can be wrapped multiple times

The provided data represents a Necklace Size Chart, which includes various necklace types along with their corresponding sizes in both inches and centimeters. The chart also provides information on the style and fit of each necklace type. This Necklace Size Chart is a valuable resource for individuals looking to find the perfect necklace that suits their preferences and desired fit. By understanding the different sizes and styles offered, individuals can make informed decisions when purchasing or wearing necklaces.


How do I measure my necklace size?

To measure your necklace size, take a flexible measuring tape and wrap it around your neck at the desired length. Make sure the tape snugly covers the area where you want the necklace to sit. The measurement in inches or centimeters will determine your necklace size.

What are the different necklace lengths available?

Necklace lengths can vary and are often measured in inches or centimeters. Some common necklace lengths include choker (16 inches/40 cm or less), princess (18 inches/46 cm), matinee (20-24 inches/51-61 cm), opera (28-34 inches/71-86 cm), and rope (over 45 inches/114 cm).

How can I ensure the necklace will fit properly?

To ensure a proper fit, consider your personal preference and the style of the necklace. If you prefer a closer fit, go for a shorter length like a choker or princess. If you prefer a longer necklace or want to layer multiple necklaces, consider matinee, opera, or rope lengths.

Can necklace size vary based on gender or body type?

Necklace size can vary based on personal preference, but it is not strictly determined by gender or body type. While some people may prefer shorter or longer necklaces based on their physique or style, there are no specific rules regarding necklace size for different genders or body types.

Are there any standard necklace size charts available?

Yes, there are standard necklace size charts available that can serve as a helpful guide when choosing the right necklace length. These charts provide average measurements for different necklace styles and can be found online or in jewelry stores to assist you in finding the perfect fit.

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