Aluminum Wire Size Chart

The Aluminum Wire Size Chart provides information on various wire sizes including maximum current, maximum frequency for 100% skin depth, resistance, and diameter in mm.
Wire Size (AWG) Max Current (Amps) Max Frequency for 100% skin depth (Hz) Resistance (Ohms/km) Diameter (mm)
14 15 4110 8.282 2.052
12 20 2580 5.211 2.588
10 30 1625 3.277 3.264
8 40 1020 2.061 4.115
6 55 642 1.296 5.189
4 70 404 0.815 6.544
2 95 255 0.512 8.252
1 110 202 0.406 9.266
1/0 125 160 0.322 10.404
2/0 145 127 0.255 11.684
3/0 165 101 0.202 13.119
4/0 195 81 0.160 14.731

The Aluminum Wire Size Chart provides important information about different wire sizes used in electrical applications. The chart includes details such as the wire size (in AWG), the maximum current that can safely flow through the wire (in amps), the maximum frequency for 100% skin depth (in Hz), the resistance of the wire per kilometer (in ohms/km), and the diameter of the wire (in mm). This chart serves as a useful reference tool for engineers, electricians, and other professionals working with aluminum wire. By understanding the different wire sizes and their corresponding properties, users can make informed decisions when selecting the appropriate wire size for specific electrical installations and applications.


What is an aluminum wire size chart?

An aluminum wire size chart is a reference tool that provides information about the recommended wire size to use for specific electrical applications.

Why is an aluminum wire size chart important?

An aluminum wire size chart is important because it helps ensure that the correct wire gauge is selected for a particular electrical installation, taking into account factors such as current carrying capacity and voltage drop.

How is an aluminum wire size chart used?

To use an aluminum wire size chart, you need to know the desired current rating or voltage drop, and then locate the appropriate column on the chart that matches the application. The chart will provide the recommended wire gauge for that specific scenario.

What are the common wire gauges listed on an aluminum wire size chart?

Common wire gauges listed on an aluminum wire size chart include AWG (American Wire Gauge) sizes 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, and 4/0, among others.

Can you use an aluminum wire size chart for other types of wire, like copper?

While an aluminum wire size chart provides specific information for aluminum wires, it is not directly applicable to other types of wire, such as copper. Copper wire size charts will have their own recommended gauges based on different properties and characteristics.

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