Incest Laws By State Chart

The Incest Laws By State Chart provides information on which familial relationships are prohibited and the corresponding penalties in each state.

State Relation Prohibited Penalties Notes
ExampleState1 Direct family members Up to X years in prison Exception details (if any)
ExampleState2 Direct and some extended family members Up to Y years in prison and/or fines Exception details (if any)

The Incest Laws By State Chart provides information on the relation that is prohibited, penalties, and any exceptions for each state’s incest laws. This data is presented in a tabular format and includes details for specific states, such as ExampleState1 and ExampleState2. The chart serves as a comprehensive resource for understanding the legal framework surrounding incest across different jurisdictions.


What is an incest law?

An incest law is a legal regulation that prohibits sexual relationships between close relatives, typically defined by blood or marriage.

Are incest laws consistent across all states in the United States?

No, incest laws can vary from state to state in terms of the degree of prohibited relationships and the penalties imposed.

Which states consider any sexual relationship between close relatives to be incest?

All states in the United States consider any sexual relationship between siblings (brother and sister) to be incest.

Are there any states that legally permit marriage between first cousins?

Yes, some states allow marriage between first cousins, while others declare it illegal or allow it under certain conditions, such as genetic counseling.

Do incest laws also cover relationships between stepparents and stepchildren?

In most states, incest laws do not specifically cover relationships between stepparents and stepchildren unless they have legally adopted the child. However, such relationships may be prohibited under other statutes or laws, like child abuse or exploitation.

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