Guitar Size Chart

The Guitar Size Chart provides information on the total length, scale length, age group, and player’s height for different guitar sizes ranging from 1/4 size to full size.
Guitar Size Total Length Scale Length Age Group Player’s Height
1/4 Size 30″- 32″ 19″ 4-6 years 3’3″ – 3’9″
1/2 Size 34″- 36″ 23″ 5-8 years 3’10” – 4’5″
3/4 Size 36″- 38.5″ 24″ – 24.75″ 8-11 years 4’6″ – 4’11”
Small Body (7/8) 39″- 40″ 24.75″ – 25.5″ 10+ years to adult 5’0″ +
Full Size 40″- 42″ 25.5″ – 26.5″ 12+ years to adult 5’3″ +

The Guitar Size Chart provides information about different sizes of guitars, their total length, scale length, recommended age group, and player’s height. This chart can be helpful for individuals who are looking to purchase a guitar suitable for their age and height. The chart includes sizes ranging from 1/4 to full size, catering to players of different ages and heights. By referring to this chart, potential guitar players can make informed decisions about the most suitable guitar size for their needs.


What is a guitar size chart?

A guitar size chart is a visual representation that displays the different sizes or dimensions of guitars available on the market.

Why is a guitar size chart important?

A guitar size chart is important because it allows guitarists to choose a guitar that is proportionate to their body size and playing style, ensuring a comfortable and optimal playing experience.

How does a guitar size chart work?

A guitar size chart typically includes measurements such as total length, scale length, body length, body depth, and nut width. By comparing these measurements with your own body size and preferences, you can determine which guitar size suits you best.

What are the common sizes available on a guitar size chart?

Common sizes on a guitar size chart include full-size guitars (41" or above), 3/4 size guitars (36" to 39"), 1/2 size guitars (32" to 34"), and 1/4 size guitars (26" to 31"). There are also smaller sizes available for children or travelers.

Can I use a guitar size chart to determine the right guitar for my child?

Yes, a guitar size chart is particularly useful when choosing a guitar for a child. By considering their age, height, and arm span, you can refer to the guitar size chart to select a guitar that is suitable and comfortable for them to play.

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