Carat Size Chart

The Carat Size Chart provides the dimensions (in mm) for different carat weights of round, princess, oval, marquise, emerald, pear, and heart-shaped diamonds.
Carat Weight Round (mm) Princess (mm) Oval (mm) Marquise (mm) Emerald (mm) Pear (mm) Heart (mm)
0.25 ct 4.1 3.4 5×3 6×3 4×3 5×3 3.5
0.50 ct 5.1 4.4 6×4 8×4 5×4 6×4 4.5
0.75 ct 5.9 5.5 7×5 10×5 6×5 7×5 5.5
1.00 ct 6.5 6.0 8×6 11×6 7×5 8×5.5 6.5
1.50 ct 7.4 7.0 9×7 13×7 8×6 9×6 7.5
2.00 ct 8.2 8.0 10×8 14×8 9×7 10×7 8.5
3.00 ct 9.4 9.5 12×9 16×9 10×8 12×8 10.0
4.00 ct 10.4 11.0 13×10 18×9 11×9 13×9 11.0
5.00 ct 11.0 12.0 14×10 20×10 12×10 14×10 12.0

The Carat Size Chart provides information on the dimensions of diamonds based on their carat weight. This chart includes measurements for different diamond shapes such as round, princess, oval, marquise, emerald, pear, and heart. The chart displays the corresponding dimensions in millimeters for each carat weight category, allowing individuals to make informed decisions when selecting a diamond based on its size. This valuable reference guide assists jewelry professionals and consumers in understanding the physical characteristics of diamonds at various carat weights.


What is a carat size chart?

A carat size chart is a visual representation that shows the different diamond or gemstone sizes in terms of carat weight.

How can the carat size chart help in choosing a diamond or gemstone?

The carat size chart serves as a reference for understanding how large or small a diamond or gemstone will appear based on its carat weight. It allows you to compare sizes and make informed decisions.

Are all carat weights represented on the carat size chart?

No, the carat size chart typically displays a range of carat weights, such as 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 1.50, and so on. It may not include every single increment of carat weight.

Is a larger carat weight always better?

The value and appeal of a diamond or gemstone go beyond just carat weight. While a larger carat weight may be desirable for some individuals, other factors like cut, color, and clarity also impact the overall beauty and worth of a gemstone.

Can the carat size chart determine the actual visual appearance of a diamond or gemstone?

The carat size chart provides an estimation of the size, but the actual visual appearance depends on the shape, cut quality, and how the gemstone is set. Different shapes and cuts can make stones appear larger or smaller than their carat weight suggests.

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