Kid Shoe Size Chart

The Kid Shoe Size Chart provides US, UK, EU sizes as well as foot lengths in inches and centimeters for children's shoe sizes ranging from 2 to 5.5.

Author: Jannik Lindner

First published: 7/17/2024

The Kid Shoe Size Chart provides measurements for US, UK, and EU shoe sizes along with foot length in both inches and centimeters. This detailed chart is essential for accurately determining children's shoe sizes for a comfortable and correct fit.

Chart Data

US Size UK Size EU Size Foot Length (inches) Foot Length (cm)
2 1.5 17 3.75″ 9.5cm
2.5 2 17.5 4″ 10.2cm
3 2.5 18 4.125″ 10.5cm
3.5 3 18.5 4.25″ 10.8cm
4 3.5 19 4.5″ 11.4cm
4.5 4 20 4.625″ 11.7cm
5 4.5 20.5 4.75″ 12.1cm
5.5 5 21 5″ 12.7cm


The Kid Shoe Size Chart provides a comprehensive overview of US, UK, and EU sizes along with corresponding foot lengths in both inches and centimeters. This information is essential for accurately determining the correct shoe size for kids based on their foot measurements.


How do I measure my child's foot to determine the right shoe size?

To measure your child's foot, have them stand on a piece of paper and mark the heel and longest toe. Measure the distance between the marks to determine the shoe size.

What is the difference between US and UK shoe sizes for kids?

US shoe sizes for kids typically run one size larger than UK shoe sizes. So, if your child wears a US size 6, they would wear a UK size 5.

How often should I measure my child's foot to ensure they are wearing the right shoe size?

It is recommended to measure your child's foot every few months as their feet can grow quickly, especially during growth spurts.

Can I rely solely on the shoe size number to determine the right fit for my child?

No, it is important to also consider the width of the shoe and how it fits your child's foot shape. Trying on the shoes and checking for comfort and proper fit is crucial.

What should I do if my child falls in between two shoe sizes?

If your child falls between two sizes, it is typically recommended to go for the larger size to allow room for growth and ensure they will not outgrow the shoes too quickly.