Ring Size Chart Women

The given chart provides a ring size conversion guide for women by displaying the US, UK, France, and Japan sizes along with corresponding diameter and circumference measurements.
US Size UK Size France Size Japan Size Diameter (mm) Circumference (mm)
3 F 44 4 14.1 44.2
3.5 G 45.5 5.5 14.3 45.5
4 H 46.5 7 14.9 46.8
4.5 I 48 8 15.3 48.0
5 J 1/2 49 9 15.7 49.3
5.5 L 50.5 10.5 16.1 50.6
6 M 52 12 16.5 51.9
6.5 N 53 13 16.9 53.1
7 O 54 14 17.3 54.4
7.5 P 55.5 15.5 17.7 55.7
8 Q 57 16 18.1 57.0
8.5 R 58 17 18.5 58.3
9 S 59.5 18 18.9 59.5
9.5 T 61 19 19.4 60.8
10 U 62 20 19.8 62.1
10.5 V 63.5 22 20.2 63.4
11 W 65 23 20.6 64.6
11.5 X 66 24 21.0 65.9
12 Y 67.5 25 21.4 67.2

The Ring Size Chart for Women provides a comprehensive list of various ring sizes based on different measurement parameters such as US size, UK size, France size, Japan size, diameter, and circumference in millimeters. This chart serves as a useful reference tool for individuals looking to determine their ring size accurately, especially when purchasing rings online or selecting the right fit in jewelry stores. By comparing the measurements provided in this chart with their own finger measurements, women can find the perfect ring size that ensures a comfortable and secure fit.


How can I find my ring size using a ring size chart for women?

You can determine your ring size by measuring the diameter or circumference of your finger and comparing it to a ring size chart for women.

Where can I find a ring size chart for women?

You can find ring size charts for women at jewelry stores, online retailers, or on jewelry websites. There are also printable ring sizers available online that can help you determine your size.

Is there a difference between ring size charts for women and men?

Yes, ring size charts for women usually have a different range of sizes compared to those for men. Women's ring sizes generally start at smaller sizes and go up to larger sizes compared to men's charts.

What are the common ring sizes for women?

Common ring sizes for women vary depending on the region and country, but generally, sizes 5 to 7 are considered average. However, it is important to note that ring sizes can vary significantly between individuals.

Are there any international ring size conversion charts available for women?

Yes, there are international ring size conversion charts available that can help you determine your ring size if you are familiar with a different sizing system. These charts provide equivalent sizes across different countries, making it easier to find the right fit.

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