Backpack Size Chart

The chart provides information on backpack sizes, ranging from small daypacks to extended-trip backpacks, with corresponding volume ranges and typical uses, suitable for users of any height, with specific height recommendations for weekend, multi-day, and extended-trip backpacks based on three height categories.
Category Volume (Liters) Typical Use User Height
Small Daypack 10 – 20 Short day hikes, school Any
Medium Daypack 21 – 35 Day hikes, daily commuting Any
Large Daypack 36 – 50 Long day hikes, overnight trip Any
Weekend Backpack 50 – 60 Weekend trips (1-3 nights) 150 – 165 cm (Extra Small/Small)
165 – 180 cm (Medium/Large)
180 cm above (Large/Extra Large)
Multi-day Backpack 60 – 80 Multi-day trips (3-5 nights) 150 – 165 cm (Extra Small/Small)
165 – 180 cm (Medium/Large)
180 cm above (Large/Extra Large)
Extended-trip Backpack 80+ Extended trips (5+ nights) 150 – 165 cm (Extra Small/Small)
165 – 180 cm (Medium/Large)
180 cm above (Large/Extra Large)

The Backpack Size Chart provides information on the different categories of backpacks along with their corresponding volume in liters, typical use, and recommended user height. This chart serves as a handy reference for individuals looking to choose a backpack suitable for their specific needs, whether it be for short day hikes, daily commuting, weekend trips, multi-day adventures, or extended journeys. By considering the volume and user height recommendations, users can select the appropriate backpack size to ensure comfort and convenience while carrying their belongings.


What is a backpack size chart?

A backpack size chart is a visual representation or table that provides information about the dimensions and capacities of different backpack sizes.

How can a backpack size chart be useful?

A backpack size chart can be useful when trying to determine the right size of backpack to purchase. It helps ensure that the backpack will fit comfortably and adequately accommodate the intended use.

What information does a backpack size chart typically include?

A backpack size chart typically includes measurements such as height, width, and depth of the backpack, along with the volume or capacity in liters or cubic inches. It may also provide recommendations on the ideal user height range for each backpack size.

How do I use a backpack size chart to find the right backpack size for me?

To use a backpack size chart, you need to measure your own torso or back length. Then, compare your measurement to the recommended torso length range provided in the size chart to find the most appropriate backpack size for your body.

Are backpack size charts universal?

No, backpack size charts can vary between brands and models. It's important to refer to the specific size chart provided by the brand or retailer you are considering, as different manufacturers may have their own sizing guidelines.

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