Udemy Statistics: Market Report & Data

Highlights: The Most Important Udemy Statistics

  • Udemy has over 50 million students who have enrolled in courses.
  • Udemy offers over 150,000 courses.
  • The Udemy app has been downloaded over 10 million times on Google Play Store.
  • Approximately 60% of Udemy’s students are based outside of the United States.
  • There are instructors from over 190 countries.
  • The most popular course on Udemy is the Web Developer Bootcamp with over 273k students.
  • Udemy achieved $400 million in lifetime course sales in 2021.
  • Udemy has more than 70,000 instructors.
  • Over 30 million minutes of video content is available on Udemy.
  • 183 countries have business customers of Udemy.
  • Among Udemy's service categories, Information Technology courses are the most popular.
  • The highest earning Udemy instructor Rob Percival earned over $2.8 million in 2015.
  • Udemy’s annual revenue in 2020 was estimated to be $400 million.
  • Over 80% of the courses offered on Udemy are in English.
  • Udemy was valued at $3.32 billion in early 2021.
  • The total funding received by Udemy is over $223 million.
  • Udemy was founded in 2010.
  • Udemy has over 500 employees.

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Welcome to our deep-dive discussion about Udemy Statistics. Udemy, a thriving global marketplace for learning and teaching, has significantly revolutionized the world of e-Learning. It boasts of an awe-inspiring range of courses, including those in core statistics. Our blog post will delve into the fascinating world of Udemy’s statistics courses, analysing metrics such as course popularity, the variety of topics, user demographics, and the impact on learners’ career trajectories. So, whether you’re a beginner eager to dip your toes into statistics or an experienced professional looking to brush up your skills, this insight into Udemy Statistics would be a valuable guide.

The Latest Udemy Statistics Unveiled

Udemy has over 50 million students who have enrolled in courses.

Highlighting the astonishing figure of over 50 million students enrolled in Udemy courses serves as an expression of the massive global impact and reach of the platform. In the ocean of online learning services, this number effectively sets Udemy apart, indicating its popularity, credibility and the trust that millions place in it. More than a mere number, it signifies a thriving learning community, potentially alluring for prospective students contemplating this platform for their learning journey. This insight also underscores Udemy’s significant role in the ed-tech industry, making it a formidable participant in the ever-evolving educational landscape.

Udemy offers over 150,000 courses.

Within the expansive universe of e-learning, the fact that Udemy plays host to over 150,000 courses is a testament to its expansive breadth of knowledge and versatility. In a blog post about Udemy Statistics, this striking number serves as an indicator not only of the myriad learning opportunities available for students, but also of the enormous pool of experts and educators utilizing Udemy as a platform to share their knowledge. The statistic, thus, underscores Udemy’s crucial role in furthering online education, reflecting its capacity to meet a wide range of educational needs and preferences.

The Udemy app has been downloaded over 10 million times on Google Play Store.

Highlighting the fact that the Udemy app has achieved over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store underscores its widespread acceptance and popularity. In a virtual world increasingly leaning towards on-the-go learning, this figure showcases Udemy’s solid foothold in the e-learning space. It illuminates the platform’s effortless synergy of technology and education, satisfying the needs of a tech-savvy generation yearning for flexible learning opportunities. Therefore, in a post exploring Udemy Statistics, this statistic offers rich insights into the platform’s reach, appeal, impact, and potential growth.

Approximately 60% of Udemy’s students are based outside of the United States.

Given the global footprint of Udemy, with approximately 60% of its students located outside the United States, the international influence and reach of the platform comes into sharp focus. This insight can shed light on the diversity of the learning community, the potential for cross-cultural exchange, and the global interest in continuous learning and skill development. Furthermore, it speaks to Udemy’s appeal and capacity to offer globally relevant e-learning content, thereby potentially influencing its course development strategy, marketing activities, and localization efforts. Hence, this statistic is a significant piece of the umbrella statistic narrative, representing how intertwined Udemy’s success is with its international audience.

There are instructors from over 190 countries.

In a blog post about Udemy Statistics, the revelation that instructors hail from over 190 countries beautifully illustrates Udemy’s vast geographical reach and inherent diversity. This wide representation offers a rich tapestry of perspectives, experiences, and teaching methods, enriching the learning environment for students. Moreover, it underlines Udemy’s success in forming an inclusive global network of instructors, breaking the barriers of location, and accentuates its role as a universal learning platform.

The most popular course on Udemy is the Web Developer Bootcamp with over 273k students.

Highlighting the Web Developer Bootcamp as Udemy’s most populated course paints a vivid picture of shifting global trends towards e-learning and specifically, tech-associated coursework. With over 273k students, this statistic illustrates Udemy’s central role in bridging the gap between the demand for web development skills and the education needed to secure such proficiency. Furthermore, it provides an insightful snapshot into the priorities of modern learners, veering towards practical, job-related skills that enable quicker employment or freelancing opportunities. In essence, this pivotal number is a testament to Udemy’s influence as well as a barometer for the evolving educational desires and needs of the digital world at large.

Udemy achieved $400 million in lifetime course sales in 2021.

Highlighting Udemy’s accomplishment of hitting $400 million in lifetime course sales in 2021 underscores its exemplary performance and robust growth in the digital learning industry. This impressive figure serves as a testament to the platform’s worldwide reach and acceptance, indicating its pivotal role in fostering a community that values continuous learning and skill enhancement. Educators aiming to extend their reach or learners looking for a trusted platform can appreciate Udemy’s strong financial performance, reinforcing the quality and value of the courses it delivers. This monetary milestone, thus, offers a promising picture of Udemy’s dominance and stability in an increasingly competitive e-learning marketplace.

Udemy has more than 70,000 instructors.

Highlighting that Udemy boasts over 70,000 instructors paints a vivid picture of the platform’s immense intellectual ecosystem. It tells readers that Udemy is not just a training platform, but a hub for insights, experiences and knowledge from an extensive network of experts across various fields globally. With such a high number of instructors, learners benefit from diverse teaching methodologies, course offerings and resources. This creates an enriching learning environment, affirming Udemy’s position as a leading online learning platform. In a nutshell, the sheer quantity of seasoned instructors is testament to the comprehensive, diverse, and quality education one can expect from Udemy.

Over 30 million minutes of video content is available on Udemy.

Plunging into the vast ocean of over 30 million minutes of video content available on Udemy, one is struck by the prolific nature of this platform’s offerings. The staggeringly colossal figure serves as a testimony to both the diversity of learning experiences Udemy offers, and its wide-ranging relevance spanning across myriad subject domains. Such voluminous content creation not only attracts millions of learners but also empowers countless educators globally. This numerical representation, hence, acts as a decisive factor shaping the perception of Udemy’s stature in the online education landscape in a blog post brimming with Udemy statistics.

183 countries have business customers of Udemy.

In the global panorama of Udemy’s influence and reach, the statistic revealing its presence in 183 countries provides potent insight. This overarching international footprint not only exemplifies Udemy’s widespread adoption but also underlines its competitive edge as a favored learning platform for business customers. Such geographical ubiquity suggests a successful transference of knowledge across diverse cultures, languages, and business environments, reinforcing Udemy’s position at the apex of the e-learning market. In essence, this statistic paints a vibrant portrait of a learning community without borders, where business customers from almost every corner of the globe turn to Udemy to refine skills, nurture talent, and stay abreast of industry shifts.

Among Udemy’s service categories, Information Technology courses are the most popular.

In the vibrant world of Udemy, the realm of Information Technology reigns supreme, reigning as the most sought after domain. This revelation, gathered from statistical analysis, serves as an intriguing highlight in a blog revolving around Udemy Statistics, shedding light on the hunger for tech-oriented knowledge in today’s digital age. Not only does this finding underscore Udemy’s brilliance as a platform fulfilling this insatiable appetite for IT learning, it simultaneously sketches a fascinating pattern – the growth trajectory of e-learning closely aligning with the ever-evolving tech landscape globally.

The highest earning Udemy instructor Rob Percival earned over $2.8 million in 2015.

Spotlighting the fact that renowned Udemy instructor Rob Percival raked in a staggering $2.8 million in 2015 showcases the platform’s immense potential for income generation. In the context of a blog post about Udemy Statistics, this figures stands as a testament to the provision of high-quality, accessible educational content being a viable and often prosperous entrepreneurial route. As a standout success story, Percival’s earnings serve to paint a picture of the scope of financial success achievable on the platform. It offers a compelling sneak peek into a world where passion for education and the reach of technology could marry to yield astonishing results.

Udemy’s annual revenue in 2020 was estimated to be $400 million.

The revelation of Udemy’s staggering annual revenue of $400 million in 2020 is a paramount indicator of the platform’s burgeoning influence in the e-learning sector. This formidable figure underscores Udemy’s growth trajectory, success among digital learners, and its ascendancy as a preferred choice for online courses. This critical insight not only illuminates the prevailing e-learning trends but also unequivocally positions Udemy as a substantial player in the dynamic landscape of online education, a factor that provides valuable context to its ever-evolving statistical narrative.

Over 80% of the courses offered on Udemy are in English.

Delving into the sea of knowledge that Udemy offers, we unearth a significant fact that over 80% of the courses provided are in English. Shedding light on this linguistic dominance, it becomes evident how it plays into the platform’s global reach and accessibility. This prevalence of English validates its position as a universal medium of instruction in the online learning community. However, it also hints at the potential gap in non-English offerings, essentially making it a twofold revelation about Udemy’s content strategy – its successful capture of English-speaking audiences on one hand, and a potential area for diversification on the other, to truly create a global educational network.

Udemy was valued at $3.32 billion in early 2021.

The valuation of Udemy at an impressive $3.32 billion in early 2021 crystalizes its position as a powerhouse in the online learning market. This staggering figure not only echoes the growing acceptance and trust of millions of learners globally towards Udemy’s educational platform, but it also assents the immense growth potential it possesses. Hence, this valuation serves a compass, directing towards an educational revolution spearheaded by technology-based learning platforms like Udemy.

The total funding received by Udemy is over $223 million.

In the dynamic realm of online education, the vast funding that Udemy has acquired, which exceeds $223 million, paints a compelling narrative of its significance and growth potential. It reinforces Udemy’s stature as a powerhouse in the e-learning industry and demonstrates market confidence in its platforms and offerings. Such a substantial investment indicates its ability to attract and retain quality instructors, develop cutting-edge learning tools, and introduce new courses. Consequently, it lays a strong foundation for Udemy to offer a rich and diverse learning experience to millions, thus making it an influential player in driving the paradigm shift towards online education.

Udemy was founded in 2010.

Highlighting the founding year of Udemy serves as a significant cornerstone in any discussion revolving around Udemy’s statistical analysis. Its establishment in 2010 unveils the journey of this platform over a decade, providing essential context for analyzing its growth, diversification, and impact in the online learning sector. As the inception point, this timeline allows room for assessing its milestones, user adoption rate, course creation, instructor participation and overall performance in the rapidly-evolving eLearning industry. It casts a light on Udemy’s resilience, evolution, and transformation across the years, thus adding meaningful evolutionary perspective to the numerical data discussed in the blog post.

Udemy has over 500 employees.

Unveiling the magnitude of Udemy’s operational prowess, the statistic of having over 500 employees delivers robust evidence of the platform’s impressive scale and its swift growth in the e-learning landscape. Underpinning the delivery of diverse quality courses, this multi-skilled workforce showcases Udemy’s substantial investment in human resources and commitment to comprehensive content creation. This figure underscores the systemic solidity of Udemy, enhancing its credibility as a leader in the e-learning industry and its capacity to cater to a broad range of learning needs worldwide. Such a strong employee base suggests a more adept problem-solving capability and resource pool, which are essential for an institution in the ever-evolving education technology space.


From analysis, it is clear that Udemy is an impactful platform in online education, offering a diverse range of subjects including statistics. The significant growth trends demonstrate Udemy’s increasing popularity and highlight its potential for both learners and educators. The large amount of available courses and lessons in statistics shows an extensive demand and willingness to learn this vital subject. As online learning continues to become more prevalent, websites like Udemy will likely continue to increase in relevance and usage.


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What is Udemy?

Udemy is a global marketplace for learning and teaching online, offering a vast selection courses across numerous categories, such as programming, marketing, personal development, etc.

How much do Udemy courses cost?

The cost of Udemy courses can range widely, from free to $200 or more; however, frequent sales often reduce prices to around $10-$20 per course.

Are there any prerequisites to take Udemy courses?

In general, there are no prerequisites to take a Udemy course. The platform is open to everyone regardless of their skill level, providing a wide spectrum of beginner to advanced level courses.

Are Udemy courses accredited?

Udemy courses are not recognized as formal education, so they cannot be used for college credit or continuing education units (CEUs). However, they are excellent resources for learning new skills or improving existing ones.

Is Udemy a subscription-based platform?

No, Udemy is not a subscription-based platform. Each course is purchased individually, allowing you to have lifetime access to it.

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