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Dive into the nuances of the real estate marketplace with our comprehensive analysis of Seattle Real Estate Market Statistics. This blog post will offer insightful data, trends and predictions that shed light on the fluctuating dynamics of Seattle’s property market. Whether you’re a prospective buyer, seller, or a real estate aficionado, our statistical breakdown will provide you with a clearer perspective of the market variances, property pricing trends, sales patterns, and overall market health in the Seattle region. Join us as we decode the numbers to offer you a thorough understanding of the latest in the Seattle real estate scene.

The Latest Seattle Real Estate Market Statistics Unveiled

Around 64% of the Seattle population are renters.

Taking into account that a roughly 64% chunk of Seattle’s populace falls within the category of renters represents a pivotal point of understanding for discussions regarding Seattle’s real estate market. This highlights a strong rental demand or possible barriers to homeownership, which influences both rental and property prices. For investors, it underscores the opportunity for good rental income, and for policy makers, it points towards potential homeownership affordability issues. It is an essential figure for any party involved or interested in Seattle’s real estate scene, allowing them to form a complete picture of the local housing landscape.


Taking into account numerous statistics, it is clear that the Seattle real estate market demonstrates considerable strength and steady growth. This trend is indicated by the consistent increase in median home values, shorter time frames for property stay on the market, and the prominent role of Seattle as a high-demand location. However, the relatively high proportion of escalating rental prices is posing affordability concerns that could potentially impact the market dynamics in the future. Hence, the prospective buyer or investor must conduct a comprehensive examination of these elements combined with an insightful understanding of broader economic performance.


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What is the current median home price in Seattle?

As market values fluctuate over time the median home price in Seattle may differ accordingly. As of fall 2021, the median home price is around $813,500.

Is the Seattle housing market currently a buyer's or seller's market?

Due to the high demand for properties and lower supply, Seattle is considered a seller's market as of 2021.

How much has the house price increased in Seattle over the last year?

As of 2021, Seattle's housing market saw an approximate 13% increase in median home prices over the last year.

What are the predictions for the Seattle housing market in the future?

Market predictions cannot be 100% accurate. However, it's predicted that prices may continue to rise, but at a slower pace, and housing demand will remain strong owing to the area’s robust job market and high quality of life.

What are the safest neighborhoods to invest in Seattle?

Some of the neighborhoods considered safest according to crime statistics and local surveys are Ballard, Magnolia, and Queen Anne. However, safety is just one factor to consider when investing in real estate. Market dynamics, property condition, and future development plans are other important considerations.

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