Ring Size Circumference Chart

The chart provides the ring size (US) and its corresponding circumference in millimeters.
Ring Size (US) Circumference (mm)
0 36.5
0.5 37.8
1 39.1
1.5 40.4
2 41.7
2.5 42.9
3 44.2
3.5 45.5
4 46.8
4.5 48.0
5 49.3
5.5 50.6
6 51.9
6.5 53.1
7 54.4
7.5 55.7
8 57.0
8.5 58.3
9 59.5
9.5 60.8
10 62.1
10.5 63.4
11 64.6
11.5 65.9
12 67.2
12.5 68.5
13 69.7
13.5 71.0
14 72.3

The Ring Size Circumference Chart provides measurements of the circumference in millimeters for each ring size (US). This chart can be useful for determining the appropriate ring size for individuals when shopping for rings, whether for personal use or as a gift. The table displays the ring size (US) in the first column and the corresponding circumference in millimeters in the second column. By referring to this chart, one can easily match their finger circumference to the corresponding ring size, ensuring a comfortable and accurate fit.


What is a Ring Size Circumference Chart?

A Ring Size Circumference Chart is a tool used to determine the size of a ring based on the circumference of a person's finger.

How does a Ring Size Circumference Chart work?

The Chart typically lists different ring sizes and their corresponding circumference measurements. By measuring the circumference of your finger and referring to the Chart, you can determine your ring size.

Are Ring Size Circumference Charts accurate?

While Ring Size Circumference Charts can provide a good estimate of your ring size, they may not always be 100% accurate. Factors such as temperature, humidity, and individual finger characteristics can affect the accuracy.

Can I use a Ring Size Circumference Chart to measure a ring I already own?

Yes, you can use a Ring Size Circumference Chart to measure the inside circumference of a ring. By measuring the inside diameter, you can find the equivalent ring size on the Chart.

Where can I find a Ring Size Circumference Chart?

Ring Size Circumference Charts are available at jewelry stores, online ring retailers, and from various jewelry industry websites. You can also find printable versions online that you can use at home for measurement.

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