Cross Country Ski Size Chart

The Cross Country Ski Size Chart indicates the recommended ski lengths (in cm) for different weight ranges, for classic, skate, and touring styles.
Skier’s Weight (lbs) Classic Ski Length (cm) Skate Ski Length (cm) Touring Ski Length (cm)
90-110 180-190 170-180 165-175
111-125 190-200 175-185 170-180
126-145 195-205 180-190 175-185
146-165 200-210 185-195 180-190
166-185 205-215 190-200 185-195
186-205 210-220 195-205 190-200
206+ 215+ 200+ 195+

The provided Cross Country Ski Size Chart is a reference guide for determining the appropriate ski length based on a skier’s weight range. It categorizes skiers into different weight ranges and suggests corresponding lengths for classic skiing, skate skiing, and touring skiing. This chart can be useful for skiers to ensure they have the appropriate ski length for optimal performance and enjoyment on the cross country trails.


How do I choose the correct cross country ski size?

To choose the correct cross country ski size, refer to a cross country ski size chart, which takes into account your weight and skiing ability level. It's important to choose a ski length that matches your weight range to ensure proper performance and control on the snow.

What is the significance of weight in determining the proper ski size?

Weight is a crucial factor in determining the proper ski size as it affects the flex and stiffness of the skis. Heavier individuals generally require longer skis for better stability and support, while lighter skiers may benefit from shorter skis for enhanced maneuverability.

How does skiing ability level influence ski sizing?

Skiing ability level is an important consideration in ski sizing as it determines the appropriate level of performance and control. Beginners typically benefit from shorter skis that are easier to handle, while more advanced skiers often opt for longer skis that offer greater stability at higher speeds.

Can I rely solely on my height when selecting cross country skis?

While height can provide a rough estimate, it is not the sole determining factor for selecting cross country skis. Weight and skiing ability level play significant roles in finding the right ski length that suits your specific needs and skiing style.

Are there any additional factors to consider when choosing cross country skis?

In addition to weight, skiing ability level, and height, other factors such as terrain type (groomed tracks, backcountry, etc.), intended use (racing, touring, fitness, etc.), and personal preference should also be taken into account when selecting cross country skis. These considerations can help further narrow down the options and ensure an optimal match for your skiing experience.

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