Simms Waders Size Chart

The Simms Waders Size Chart provides sizing information for different sizes of waders, including measurements for chest, inseam, shoe size, height, and weight.
Size Chest Inseam Shoe Size Height Weight
Small 35″-37″ 31″-32″ 7-8 5’5″-5’8″ 130-160lbs
Medium 39″-41″ 33″-34″ 9-11 5’7″-5’10” 140-180lbs
Medium King 4

The Simms Waders Size Chart provides guidance on the appropriate sizing for different wader models. The chart includes measurements for chest, inseam, shoe size, height, and weight for various sizes such as small, medium, and medium king. This information helps customers choose the correct size for their waders based on their body measurements.


How do I determine the correct size of Simms waders?

To choose the right size of Simms waders, you should refer to the Simms Waders Size Chart available on their website. The size chart provides measurements for the chest, inseam, and shoe size. Simply match your measurements with the corresponding size on the chart to find the right fit.

What if my measurements fall between two sizes on the Simms Waders Size Chart?

If your measurements fall between two sizes on the Simms Waders Size Chart, it is generally recommended to go with the larger size. This allows for more freedom of movement, layering of clothing underneath, and ensures a comfortable fit.

Can I exchange or return my Simms waders if the size doesn't fit?

Simms offers a return and exchange policy if the waders you purchased do not fit properly. You can contact their customer service or refer to their website for specific instructions on how to initiate a return or exchange.

Are Simms waders available in different size options for tall or petite individuals?

Yes, Simms recognizes that people have different body types and offers waders in various sizes, including options for tall or petite individuals. The Simms Waders Size Chart includes specific measurements for regular, tall, and short inseam lengths to cater to different heights.

Is the Simms Waders Size Chart consistent across all their wader models?

While the Simms Waders Size Chart serves as a general guideline, it's important to note that sizing may vary slightly between different wader models. Therefore, it's always recommended to refer to the specific sizing information provided for the particular wader model you are interested in.

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