Tennis Grip Size Chart

The Tennis Grip Size Chart provides the corresponding grip size (in inches and centimeters) for each US and EU grip size measurement.
Grip Size (US) Grip Size (EU) Measurement (Inches) Measurement (Centimeters)
4 0 4″ 10.16 cm
4 1/8 1 4 1/8″ 10.48 cm
4 1/4 2 4 1/4″ 10.8 cm
4 3/8 3 4 3/8″ 11.11 cm
4 1/2 4 4 1/2″ 11.43 cm
4 5/8 5 4 5/8″ 11.75 cm
4 3/4 6 4 3/4″ 12.07 cm

The Tennis Grip Size Chart provides information on the various grip sizes available for tennis rackets. This chart includes the grip size in both US and EU measurements, as well as the corresponding measurements in inches and centimeters. By using this chart, tennis players can determine the ideal grip size that suits their hand size and playing style.


What is a tennis grip size chart?

A tennis grip size chart is a visual representation or guide that helps players determine the most suitable grip size for their tennis racquet.

Why is knowing the correct grip size important in tennis?

Knowing the correct grip size is crucial in tennis as it directly affects a player's comfort, control, and ability to generate power while hitting shots.

How can I measure my tennis grip size?

To measure your tennis grip size, you can use a ruler or a grip size measuring tool. Place your dominant hand around the handle of the racquet, and measure the distance between the tip of your ring finger and the main crease of your palm.

What are the different grip sizes available in tennis?

Common tennis grip sizes range from 4 inches to 4 5/8 inches. The sizes typically increase in increments of 1/8 inch, with 4 3/8 inches being the most common size for adult players.

How do I determine the correct grip size for me based on a tennis grip size chart?

Based on a tennis grip size chart, once you have measured the distance, you can refer to the chart to find the recommended grip size. Ensure that your measurement falls within the specified range to find the most suitable grip size for your hand.

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