Snowboard Bindings Size Chart

The summarized Snowboard Bindings Size Chart shows the recommended binding sizes based on different boot sizes for both men and women.
Binding Size Boot Size (US Men’s) Boot Size (Euro) Boot Size (CM) Boot Size (US Women’s)
XS 5 – 7 37 – 40 23 – 25 6 – 8
S 7 – 9 40 – 42 25 – 27 8 – 10
M 9 – 11 42 – 44 27 – 29 10 – 12
L 11 – 13 44 – 46 29 – 31 12 – 14
XL 13+ 46+ 31+ 14+

The Snowboard Bindings Size Chart provides information about the different sizes of bindings available for snowboarding. The chart categorizes the bindings into five sizes, namely XS, S, M, L, and XL. Each size is associated with a range of boot sizes, measured in US Men’s, Euro, CM, and US Women’s sizes. This comprehensive chart helps snowboarders choose the right bindings based on their boot size, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit while riding.


What do the numbers in a snowboard bindings size chart represent?

The numbers in a snowboard bindings size chart represent the range of boot sizes that a particular binding size is designed to accommodate.

How do I determine the correct snowboard bindings size for my boots?

To determine the correct snowboard bindings size for your boots, you need to measure the length of your boots and then consult the bindings size chart provided by the manufacturer. Match the size of your boots with the corresponding binding size range in the chart.

Can I use a snowboard binding that is slightly smaller or larger than my boot size range?

It is generally recommended to use snowboard bindings within the appropriate boot size range specified in the bindings size chart. Using bindings that are too small may cause discomfort and restrict movement, while using bindings that are too big can lead to a lack of control and stability.

Can I adjust the size of snowboard bindings for a better fit?

Yes, many snowboard bindings have adjustable features such as toe ramps, heel cups, and highbacks that allow for customization and better fit. However, it's important to note that these adjustments can only accommodate a certain range and may not be sufficient if the bindings are significantly too small or too big for your boots.

Is there a universal snowboard bindings size chart?

No, there is no universal snowboard bindings size chart as different manufacturers may have their own size ranges and measurements. It's crucial to refer to the specific bindings size chart provided by the manufacturer of the bindings you are considering.

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