Skateboard Wheel Size Chart

The Skateboard Wheel Size Chart provides information on the recommended wheel sizes for different skating styles, ranging from small and slower wheels for trick skating to larger and faster wheels for longboarding and downhill skating.
Wheel Size (mm) Skating Style Description
50-53mm Street / Technical Small, slower wheels; ideal for trick skating and technical maneuvers on smooth surfaces.
54-59mm All-around / Beginner Good for beginners, working in skate parks, vert ramps, or for skaters rolling on a variety of surfaces.
60mm+ Longboard / Cruising / Downhill Larger, faster wheels suitable for longboards, cruising, and downhill skating. Offers a smooth ride over rougher surfaces.

The Skateboard Wheel Size Chart provides valuable information about the different wheel sizes available for skateboarding. This chart is categorized based on the wheel size (mm), skating style, and a description of the wheels’ suitability for specific skating techniques or terrains. By referring to this chart, skateboarders can make an informed decision when selecting the appropriate wheel size for their skating needs.


What is a skateboard wheel size chart?

A skateboard wheel size chart is a visual representation that shows the different sizes of wheels available for skateboards.

Why is a skateboard wheel size chart important?

A skateboard wheel size chart is important because it helps skateboarders select the appropriate wheel size based on their preferences and the type of terrain they will be riding on.

How does the skateboard wheel size affect performance?

The skateboard wheel size affects performance in several ways. Smaller wheels provide more maneuverability and acceleration, while larger wheels offer more speed and stability.

What are the common sizes available in a skateboard wheel size chart?

Common sizes found in a skateboard wheel size chart usually range from 50mm to 60mm for street skateboarding, 54mm to 56mm for park skateboarding, and 57mm to 60mm for cruising and downhill skateboarding.

How do I choose the right wheel size using a skateboard wheel size chart?

To choose the right wheel size using a skateboard wheel size chart, consider your riding style, terrain, and personal preference. Smaller sizes are generally preferred for technical tricks and street skating, while larger sizes are suitable for cruising and downhill riding.

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