Skate Ski Size Chart

The Skate Ski Size Chart ranges from 160cm to 197cm based on the skier’s weight, starting from 90lbs and going up to 206lbs and above.
Skier’s Weight (lbs) Skate Ski Length (cm)
90-110 160-167
111-125 167-174
126-145 172-179
146-165 177-184
166-185 182-189
186-205 187-194
206 and above 190-197

The Skate Ski Size Chart provides information on the recommended skate ski length based on the skier’s weight. This chart contains a range of weights in pounds and their corresponding recommended skate ski length in centimeters. By referring to this chart, skiers can choose the appropriate size of skate skis to optimize their performance and skiing experience.


How do you determine the correct skate ski size?

The correct skate ski size is determined by a combination of factors such as the skier's weight, height, and skiing ability.

What is the impact of choosing the wrong skate ski size?

Choosing the wrong skate ski size can affect the skier's balance, stability, and overall performance on the slopes.

Can I use the same skate ski size as my classic ski size?

Generally, skate ski sizes are shorter than classic ski sizes. Therefore, it is not recommended to use the same size for both disciplines.

Are skate ski sizes standardized across all brands?

Skate ski sizes may vary slightly between different brands. It is crucial to refer to the specific brand's size chart to ensure accurate sizing.

How do I interpret the skate ski size chart?

The skate ski size chart provides a range of ski lengths for different weight ranges. By locating your weight on the chart, you can determine the appropriate skate ski size.

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