Kids Ski Size Chart

The Kids Ski Size Chart provides recommended ski lengths based on age, height, and weight ranges.
Age Height (inches) Weight (lbs) Ski Length (cm)
3-4 37-44 35-50 80-100
4-5 40-45 40-55 90-105
5-6 45-49 45-60 100-115
6-7 48-52 50-65 110-120
7-8 50-55 55-70 115-125
8-9 53-57 60-75 120-130
9-10 55-59 65-80 125-135
10-11 57-61 70-85 130-140
11-12 59-63 75-90 135-145
12-13 61-65 80-100 140-150
13-14 63-67 85-110 145-155
14+ 67+ 110+ 150+

The Kids Ski Size Chart provides recommended ski lengths based on age, height, and weight of children. It is crucial to select the appropriate ski length to ensure safety and optimal performance on the slopes. This chart offers a range of measurements for children aged 3 and above, taking into account their physical attributes. By referring to this chart, parents and guardians can make informed decisions when purchasing or renting skis for their young ones.


What is a kids ski size chart?

A kids ski size chart is a tool that suggests the appropriate ski length based on a child's height, weight, and skiing ability.

Why is a kids ski size chart important?

A kids ski size chart is important because using the proper ski length ensures that children have better control, balance, and maneuverability on the slopes, enhancing their skiing experience and safety.

How do I use a kids ski size chart?

To use a kids ski size chart, you typically need to know the child's height, weight, and skiing ability level. Then, you can match these measurements to the appropriate ski length indicated on the chart.

Can I rely solely on a kids ski size chart for selecting skis?

While a kids ski size chart provides a good starting point, it is also essential to consider a child's skiing ability and personal preference. It is recommended to consult with a ski specialist or rental shop for a more accurate fitting.

Can I use a ski size chart for adults to find the right size for kids?

No, it is not recommended to use ski size charts for adults to determine ski sizes for kids. Children have different skiing styles, lower body weights, and abilities compared to adults, so it is best to use a kids-specific ski size chart.

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