Kancan Size Chart

The Kancan Size Chart provides waist and hip size ranges in inches for sizes 24 through 32.

Author: Jannik Lindner

First published: 7/17/2024

The Kancan Size Chart includes measurements for waist size and hip size in inches for sizes ranging from 24 to 32.

Chart Data

Size Waist Size (inches) Hip Size (inches)
24 23-24 33-34
25 24-25 34-35
26 25-26 35-36
27 26-27 36-37
28 27-28 37-38
29 28-29 38-39
30 29-30 39-40
31 30-31 40-41
32 31-32 41-42


The Kancan Size Chart provides waist and hip size ranges for each size from 24 to 32, helping customers determine the best fit for their measurements.


What size should I order for Kancan jeans if I typically wear a size 28 in other brands?

You should size down to a 27 in Kancan jeans as they tend to run slightly larger.

I am between sizes, should I size up or down for Kancan jeans?

It is recommended to size down for Kancan jeans as they have a bit of stretch and may loosen up with wear.

Are Kancan jeans true to size?

Kancan jeans generally run true to size, but it is recommended to refer to the specific measurements provided on the brand's size chart for accuracy.

Do Kancan jeans shrink after washing?

Kancan jeans are made from high-quality denim and should not shrink significantly if washed according to the care instructions provided.

How do I find my perfect size in Kancan jeans?

To find your perfect size in Kancan jeans, it's best to measure your waist and hips according to the brand's size chart and select the size that corresponds most closely to your measurements.