Violin Size Chart

The Violin Size Chart provides recommended violin sizes based on age range, arm length, and approximate length of the violin in inches.
Violin Size Age Range Arm Length Approx. Length of Violin (inches)
1/16 3-5 years 14″ to 15 3/8″ 14
1/10 3-5 years 15 3/8″ to 17″ 16
1/8 3-5 years 17.1″ to 17.5″ 17
1/4 4-7 years 17.6″ to 20″ 18.5
1/2 6-10 years 20″ to 22″ 20.5
3/4 9-11 years 22″ to 23.5″ 22
4/4 (Full Size) 9+ years 23.5″ and up 23.5

The Violin Size Chart provides information on the different sizes of violins, suitable age ranges, arm lengths, and the approximate lengths of the violins in inches. This chart is essential for selecting the right size violin for individuals of different ages and arm lengths. By understanding the measurements provided in the chart, players and their instructors can ensure that they choose a violin that is comfortable and appropriate for their needs. The chart includes sizes ranging from 1/16 to Full Size (4/4), accommodating players from 3 years old and up.


What is a violin size chart?

A violin size chart is a reference guide that provides information about the different sizes of violins available, typically categorized by body length.

How do I determine the right size violin for me or my child?

To determine the right violin size, you can consult a violin size chart which usually suggests sizes based on the player's arm length or age.

What are the common violin sizes?

The common violin sizes typically range from 1/32 (smallest) to 4/4 (full size), with smaller sizes suitable for young children and larger sizes suitable for older children and adults.

What are the approximate age ranges associated with each violin size?

While age ranges can vary, typically 1/32 and 1/16 size violins are recommended for children aged 3-5, 1/10 and 1/8 for ages 4-6, 1/4 for ages 5-7, 1/2 for ages 7-10, 3/4 for ages 9-11, and 4/4 (full size) for ages 11 and above.

Can adults play smaller-sized violins?

Yes, adults can play smaller-sized violins, especially if they have a shorter arm span or prefer a more compact instrument. It is important to choose a violin that feels comfortable to play and produces the desired sound regardless of age.

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