Fish Hook Size Chart

The Fish Hook Size Chart provides information on the hook size, wire diameter, gap width, and shank length for various fish hook sizes.
Hook Size Standard Wire Diameter (mm) Gap Width (mm) Shank Length (mm)
32 0.2 2 5
28 0.25 3 6
24 0.3 4 7
20 0.35 5 9
16 0.4 6 10
12 0.45 7 11
8 0.5 8 12
4 0.55 9 13
1 0.6 10 15
1/0 0.65 11 16
2/0 0.7 12 17
3/0 0.75 13 18
4/0 0.8 14 19
5/0 0.85 15 20
6/0 0.9 16 22
7/0 0.95 17 24
8/0 1.0 18 26
9/0 1.1 19 28
10/0 1.2 20 30

The Fish Hook Size Chart provides information on different hook sizes used in fishing. The chart includes details such as the standard wire diameter, gap width, and shank length for each hook size. This chart is useful for anglers to choose the appropriate hook size based on their fishing requirements and target fish species.


What is a fish hook size chart?

A fish hook size chart is a visual representation that provides information about the different sizes of fish hooks available for fishing purposes.

How are fish hooks sized on a fish hook size chart?

Fish hooks on a size chart are typically categorized using a numbering system, with larger numbers representing smaller hooks and smaller numbers representing larger hooks.

Why is it important to use the correct size fish hook?

Using the correct size fish hook is crucial because it directly impacts the success of catching fish. Using a hook that is too small may result in missed opportunities, while using a hook that is too large can be ineffective or even harm the fish.

How do I determine the appropriate fish hook size for a specific type of fishing?

The appropriate fish hook size depends on various factors including the type of fish you're targeting, bait or lure size, and the fishing technique you're using. It is advisable to refer to a fish hook size chart or seek advice from experienced anglers or fishing experts.

Are fish hook sizes standardized worldwide?

Fish hook sizes are not standardized universally and may vary between different manufacturers or regions. It is important to be aware of these variations and refer to specific fish hook size charts provided by reputable sources to ensure accurate hook selection.

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