Diversity In The Printing Industry Statistics

The printing industry continues to make strides in diversity, but there is still room for improvement in terms of representation and inclusion.

Statistic 1

""Women held just 29.2% of the manufacturing jobs in printing and related activities in 2019.""

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Statistic 2

""There are more women in print now than 20 years ago, according to industry leaders surveyed. Out of all employees, 25.1% are female in the printing industry.""

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Statistic 3

""Less than 1% of printing and related services employees are African American.""

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Statistic 4

""In the U.S, approximately 85% of people in the printing industry are white, close to 14% are Hispanic and 1% are Asian.""

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Statistic 5

""Bureau of Labor Statistics (2018) reported that just 26.4% of computer occupations in the U.S are held by women.""

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Statistic 6

""Asians held 5.7% of print industry jobs in the U.S in 2018.""

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Statistic 7

""Hispanics held 18.3% of jobs in the print industry in 2018.""

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Statistic 8

""In 2018, only 2.2% of printing businesses were majority-owned by women.""

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Statistic 9

""Less than 5% of printing companies in the UK are led by a woman.""

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Statistic 10

""The percentage of senior leadership roles held by women in the printing industry is less than 25%.""

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Statistic 11

""In Australia, the percentage of women working in the printing industry is roughly 20%.""

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Statistic 12

""In Canada, among the employed who worked full time in print publishing in 2019, 42.5% were women.""

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Statistic 13

""Percentage of male to female ratio in the printing industry worldwide is 70:30.""

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Statistic 14

""In Africa, 30% of the skilled workers in the printing industry are women.""

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Statistic 15

""In the EU, the overall employment in the printing sector is more gender-balanced at 41% female.""

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Statistic 16

""In the UK print industry, 86% of employees are from a white ethnicity, while 14% are from a non-white ethnicity.""

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Statistic 17

""Women represented approximately 40% of the workforce in the printing industry in Canada, according to the latest statistics.""

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Statistic 18

""Asian Americans make up about 2% of the printing industry, compared to 6% of the overall population in the United States.""

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