Foundry Coke Industry Statistics

Foundry Coke Industry statistics provide key insights into production, consumption, and market trends for the industry.

Statistic 1

"The Foundry Coke Market size was estimated at USD 27.5 billion in 2018."

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Statistic 2

"Foundry coke industry is expected to grow at an annual compound growth rate (CAGR) of 3.6% by 2027."

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Statistic 3

"ABC Coke produces over 375,000 tons of foundry coke annually."

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Statistic 4

"China is the largest producer of foundry coke in the world with a production capacity of 38.5 million tons."

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Statistic 5

"In Europe, Poland is the 2nd largest producer of foundry coke next to Ukraine."

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Statistic 6

"The Asia Pacific is the major consumer of the Foundry Coke market, accounting for around 68.5% of the total market share in 2020."

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Statistic 7

"Foundry coke accounted for about 10% of total coke output worldwide in 2019."

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Statistic 8

"The foundry coke industry contributes to approximately 1% of the total industrial sector energy consumption in the U.S."

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Statistic 9

"The production of foundry coke in the U.S. declined by 3% in 2019 compared to the previous year."

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Statistic 10

"The European Union imports about 4 million tons of foundry coke annually."

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Statistic 11

"The use of foundry coke in the iron and steel industry accounts for 90% of its consumption."

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Statistic 12

"Each ton of foundry coke produced results in approximately 1.4 tons of CO2 emissions."

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Statistic 13

"The recycling rate of foundry coke is approximately 70% in most developed nations."

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Statistic 14

"The average wage in the foundry coke industry in the U.S is approximately $65,000."

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Statistic 15

"Foundry coke production employs around 3% of the workforce in the metallurgical sector."

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Statistic 16

"Approximately 85% of all foundry coke is used in blast furnaces for iron and steel production."

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Statistic 17

"The global shipment of foundry coke is expected to cross 300 million tons by 2026."

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Statistic 18

"In 2019, the global foundry coke output was roughly 335.7 million tons, an increase of 0.44% from the previous year."

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