Cremation Vs Burial Statistics: Market Report & Data

In this post, we delve into a comprehensive analysis of cremation versus burial statistics from various countries around the world. From the rise of cremation rates in the United States to projections for Canada and Australia, we explore the evolving trends in end-of-life practices. Stay tuned to uncover intriguing insights and comparisons in the funeral industry.


The statistics presented reflect a global trend towards the increasing popularity of cremation over traditional burials, influenced by factors such as cost, cultural norms, and environmental considerations. Cremation rates have risen significantly in various countries over the years, with projections indicating further growth in the future. While preferences still vary across different regions based on historical practices and religious beliefs, the data suggests a clear shift towards cremation as a more common end-of-life choice. This trend underscores the need for continued research and discussion on funeral practices to meet evolving societal needs and values.

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