Catcher Mitt Size Chart

The chart provides catcher mitt sizes for different age groups and positions, ranging from 29.5-30″ for youth under 7 years old to 32-34.5″ for adult professional catchers.
Age Position Size (in inches)
Under 7 Youth 29.5 – 30″
8 – 10 Youth 30 – 31″
11 – 13 Youth/Intermediate 31 – 32.5″
14+ Adult 32.5 – 34″
Adult Professional 32 – 34.5″

The Catcher Mitt Size Chart provides information on the recommended sizes for catcher mitts based on the age and position of the player. The chart includes different size ranges for various age groups, from youth players to adults and professionals. This chart can be a helpful tool in choosing the correct size of a catcher mitt for optimal performance and comfort.


What is a Catcher Mitt Size Chart?

A Catcher Mitt Size Chart is a chart that provides information about the different sizes of catcher mitts and the corresponding hand measurements they are suitable for.

What does a Catcher Mitt Size Chart include?

A Catcher Mitt Size Chart typically includes the sizes of catcher mitts, such as youth, intermediate, and adult sizes, along with the corresponding hand measurements in inches or centimeters.

How do I measure my hand for a catcher mitt?

To measure your hand for a catcher mitt, use a flexible tape measure and wrap it around the widest part of your hand, typically just below the knuckles. The measurement in inches or centimeters can then be compared to the Catcher Mitt Size Chart to determine the appropriate size.

What is the importance of using a catcher mitt that fits properly?

It is important to use a catcher mitt that fits properly as it ensures a secure and comfortable grip, allowing the catcher to effectively catch and control the ball. A well-fitting mitt also reduces the risk of injury and improves overall performance behind the plate.

Are catcher mitt sizes standard across different brands?

No, catcher mitt sizes may vary slightly across different brands. It is important to refer to the specific brand's size chart when selecting a catcher mitt to ensure the best fit for your hand.

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